Our architects are at your side, from defining a cloud solution all the way to implementing it. During this process, we get to know your unique standards and examine opportunities for cost savings and revenue generation. Next we get to know your hobbies. Pow skiing? No way, us too! We then carefully evaluate requirements, strategic direction, and future needs. Finally, we oversee delivery of the solution, to ensure the highest possible quality.

Network Engineering:

Networks. We build ‘em, and we build ‘em good. Our experience ranges from hyperscale to public cloud providers to large enterprise requirements. We also keep up with the latest technologies and apply them to each client’s unique requirements. Now just try and tell us you don’t like the sound of that.

Storage Design

Data storage can often bottleneck app performance. We know this because we’ve seen it. A lot. Like a lot a lot. Fortunately, we’re pretty great at removing bottlenecks, and designing storage systems that will make your app performance sing. Kind of like you in the shower. Only way better.

Hardware Selection

Choices, choices, choices. When it comes to computing platforms, there’s such a thing as too many. Or way too many. Fortunately, we’re uniquely positioned to help you choose the right platform and configuration to meet your needs. Don’t believe our choice is right? We’re happy to prove it right here at Redapt Labs.




Have you heard about cloud computing?  Of course you have.  It’s literally the most over used term in our industry.  If you are planning of making a move or in the process and want to accelerate those efforts, look no further.  Seriously.  Don’t even consider the other guys.


App Services

Need to move your apps to the cloud and automate them to be efficient and reliable? We can do that. Maybe you already have started your migration, and need to accelerate the process. We can help with that too.



Think DevOps and continuous delivery can be a difference maker for your organization?


Redapt Labs

Our Innovation Center has one purpose: To accelerate your adoption of awesome
new technologies. But not just any new technology. We rigorously evaluate, test, and validate partner solutions
so we can be confident in their success before recommending them to you.