When your company’s goals are pushing your computing capacity requirements to new levels and new geographies, Redapt can help. Our full-service Integration Center will help your data center capabilities keep up with your ambitions, no matter how big. Even UNICORN Big!

More specifically, we simplify the deployment process by handling the engineering, logistics, project management, and core & pod integration services. Your multi-vendor solution is then delivered to the data center of your choice, configured, tested and ready to go. We take care of business, so you can keep pushing the limits of yours.




Redapt’s Integration Centers have built a reputation for meticulous, somewhat obsessive rack installations.  Our deployment teams handle details like asset tagging and labeling, burn-in testing, firmware updates, BIOS configs, and software installation.  We’ve yet to encounter a customer ask, we couldn’t meet.


Logistics. Vendor Management. Scheduling Production. Herding Cats.  If these aren’t on your list of things that are contributing to innovation in your organization, our in-house Project Management can help.  We perform the detailed work and keep you updated with project status and delivery dates in real time, so you can focus on changing the world.  You know, that thing you do.


Our engineers + Your engineers = <3.  Together, we’ll make beautiful enterprise-grade data center solutions.  Redapt helps businesses of all sizes with platform selection of servers, storage and network solutions that will keep pace with your application workloads.  If you want to do what and how the industry innovators are doing it, we can help.


After the hardware is racked and cabled, Redapt’s automated process begins.  Our Integration Center application configs, validates, and tests your shiny new hardware.  Our techs also replace any failed components, and the end product is turnkey and fully operational. 

Boom, baby.


Our end-to-end Q.C. process has strategic checkpoints along the way.  Each specification is checked for accuracy – making sure the final product lives up to your standards and our reputation.  And our reputation is good, reeeeally good.


No red tape with us, just a can do attitude and flexible process to get the job done.