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New Guide: The Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Leveraging Unstructured Data

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on May 11, 2020 | Posted in Featured, Infrastructure

Organizations are faced with a steady stream of unstructured data—assets like emails, audio files, and photos. 

Left alone, this data proliferates without benefiting your organization. In many cases, it's not even accessible due to storage constraints.

By managing and scaling unstructured data in a hybrid cloud, you can restore order to your data and put it to work for your business in valuable ways.

Introducing the CIO’s guide to managing unstructured data in a hybrid cloud

Our newest guide, Structures & Scales: A Guide to Managing and Scaling Your Unstructured Data in a Hybrid Cloud, shows how management of unstructured data in a hybrid cloud can improve enterprise decision making. 

In this resource, you’ll learn about:

  • The opportunities and challenges in unstructured data
  • The importance of optimization
  • How to create a hybrid cloud strategy

You’ll learn more about the untapped opportunities of unstructured data when it comes to improving areas like customer service, operational efficiency, and research and development. 

Plus, you’ll gain a better understanding of the benefits of a hybrid cloud environment. Benefits like maintaining governance and security controls on-site for superior scalability, cost-effectiveness, and maximum flexibility in leveraging unstructured data.

Why adopt a hybrid cloud strategy?


There are many challenges that prevent organizations like yours from truly leveraging their unstructured data. 

Fortunately, working with advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning can help, along with detailed considerations for data accessibility and storage.

A hybrid cloud strategy can deliver valuable cost savings and increased productivity while solving existing problems with data storage and management. And now’s your chance to learn how.

Click here to read the full guide. And if you're ready to take the next steps with a hybrid cloud, reach out to connect with one of our experts.

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A Guide to Managing and Scaling Your Unstructured Data in a Hybrid Cloud

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