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This Week’s Top Stories About Hybrid Cloud

By Danee Avery | Posted on March 25, 2019 | Posted in Cloud Engineering, Cloud Adoption, Emerging Tech

With the proliferation of stories about cloud technologies flooding your news feed, Redapt is taking time each week to bring you the week’s most cloud-critical stories. Here’s what our team is reading about hybrid cloud:

For a long time, Microsoft has been praising hybrid cloud, or a mix of on-premises and public-cloud services. And in the past year, both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud have followed suit, making major announcements involving hybrid cloud.

Meet Knative, Istio, KubeVirt, and Kubeflow – four emerging technologies to watch if you’re using Kubernetes and hybrid cloud.

As hybrid cloud and multi-cloud becomes the reality in today’s enterprises, it’s important that organizations steer clear of the mistakes of the past and minimize silos.

Explore how enterprise network infrastructure teams evolve to meet the challenges of public and hybrid cloud connectivity—one key area of evolution is the wide-area network, or WAN.

New to hybrid cloud? Learn more about the benefits of hybrid cloud modeling here.