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Utilizing the Internet of Things for Your Customers

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on October 17, 2018 | Posted in IoT and Edge, Data & Analytics

Internet of Things (IoT) isn't just for you, it's for your customers as well. Thinking of the IoT as a way of connecting your employees and devices in a way that prompts growth and speedy processes, why wouldn’t you want to take those benefits to the work you do for your clients?

Consider some of these ideas for sharing the love of IoT with your customers.  

Improving Efficiency in Your Client Work

Efficiency, what a novel concept! It’s maybe the most sought after idea in businesses today. We often think about efficiency in terms of internal processes – finding ways to keep your team going and knocking down tasks easily so you have more time to dedicate to your more laborious processes.

But that’s not where efficiency ends. Applying those same principles that you use internally to your clients is a winning concept. Being able to provide better work at a faster rate is your customer’s dream come true. Who doesn’t want to see results at a quicker rate?

The IoT is a crucial way to making this happen. If you’re already implementing it within your company, you’re already most of the way there. It keeps your working going swiftly and you can take those same practices to the work you do for your customers.

Utilizing remote work, monitoring your devices, and moving tasks and projects back and forth through the IoT will make you look like a superhero to your clients.  

Responding to Customer Requests

At almost every wedding you’ll hear someone give the same advice, “It all comes down to communication.”

It’s true when your Uncle Joe says it at the reception and it’s true when you’re working with a new client. IoT is all about seamlessness.

Applying that seamlessness to communication means getting work done faster and better. It gives you customers better access to submit requests that may not have the same urgency and immediacy in an email.  

Collecting Data to Improve Your Work

The more you’re connected, the more information you can pull. This is a great tactic internally, but also one that can work great with your external clients. When someone has hired you for a service, they’re hoping their dollars will mean you’ll help them do something better than they could on their own. Data is one of the purest ways to actually measure how much impact you’re actually having. By utilizing the IoT with your customers’ systems, you’re able to get further insight into how well your tactics are actually working.

Being able to share this information back and forth easily is a great way to spark a discussion with your client and find out where their pain points are. You can see right away if you’re bringing in results or if you need to adjust your plan. Or maybe you’re having an impact, but your customer decides they want to pivot focus to another sector of their company that appears to be lagging behind. Having the data is crucial to making this happen.

Whether you’re already using the IoT internally or not, you’d be wise to begin using it with the work you do for your customers.

Need some help getting setup and defining how the IoT can be integrated into your company? Reach out to Redapt today and we’ll help you and your clients benefit from this game changing concept.