How Intel and Redapt Work Together

  • Redapt-Intel partnership
    May 21, 2019

    How Intel and Redapt Work Together

    Matt Huff on the Redapt-Intel partnershipAt Redapt, partnerships are a key part of how we deliver exceptional experiences for our customers. Hear from our very own Matt Huff, vice president of business development, as he discusses why we value our partnership with Intel in this video.

    Redapt’s full-service SI team helps customers make great use of technology up to the latest trends. For example, Huff details a proof of concept developed for a customer, in which both Redapt and Intel focused on:

    • Security – We work with the customer to provide a more secure platform, and with Intel we were able to deliver on secure automation tools, giving visibility in supply chain with a geater sense of security.
    • Logistics – Redapt worked with large number of intel engineers coordinating in a collaborative environment—and it made a successful project for the customer.
    • On time – While the product and project had tight timelines, Redapt and Intel worked together to deliver ahead of schedule.
    • Configuration – We bring to every project the flexibility to build the products customers want—and we have them validated for support ecosystem for Day 2, Day 3, and beyond. Having all those options readily available within the large Intel portfolio was very valuable to the customer.

    What’s great about being an Intel partner is collaboration. They provide tremendous resources, including access to Intel engineers and product managers is great. We have a great ability to work together with Intel for the success of our customers.

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