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Make-A-Wish Foundation

When the legendary charity wanted to modernize its CRM, it partnered with Redapt.

In a nutshell ...

The problem

Make-A-Wish Foundation has 58 chapters, and each of those chapters had its own database. The organization also depended upon an outdated CRM. To streamline operations, the organization wanted to unify its data in an Azure-based enterprise data warehouse and migrate to Salesforce for its CRM.

The solution

Given the large number of databases and integration points with its current CRM, Redapt first conducted a detailed analysis to identify those integration points to map out an efficient way to integrate with Salesforce. The Redapt team also began moving all the data from the organization’s databases to an Azure-based enterprise data warehouse.

The outcome

With its data centralized in Azure and the move to Salesforce completed, the various chapters of Make-A-Wish Foundation are now able to utilize much more data to improve their outreach and donation efforts.

Moment of clarity

Since the organization’s CRM had been used for many years, Redapt's team of experts quickly realized a full analysis of all the integration points between the CRM and various databases had to be conducted before a migration to Microsoft Azure and Salesforce could launch.

What the company needed

Since 1980, Make-A-Wish Foundation has fulfilled the wishes of children with severe illnesses. As the organization grew to 58 chapters across the United States, utilizing all the data it had accumulated was a major challenge due to an outdated CRM and its chapters using siloed databases.

To modernize how it leveraged data for critical work like donor outreach, the organization wanted to simplify its infrastructure in Azure and migrate from its long-standing CRM to Salesforce.

Our recommendation

Before making the switch to Salesforce, Redapt recommended—and conducted—a full analysis of the various integration points the organization had between its databases and current CRM to chart out the most efficient path for migration. We also recommended centralizing the organization’s data into an Azure-based enterprise data warehouse so it was available for every chapter to conduct analytics.

The end result

Once Make-A-Wish Foundation has completed its migration to Azure and Salesforce, the organization will be on a much stronger footing when it comes to putting data to work.

  • Improved analytics

    capabilities through Azure to bolster donor outreach efforts.

  • Cost savings

    from utilizing an Azure-based enterprise data warehouse instead of disparate databases.

  • Greater coordination

    between the organization’s many chapters.

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