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From Unstable Data Storage Infrastructure to Consistently Updating

When online insurance marketplace QuoteWizard recognized its data storage infrastructure was unreliable, it partnered with Redapt on a sustainable fix.

In a nutshell

The problem

QuoteWizard’s SQL Server databases were increasingly unable to handle the expectations placed upon them due to company growth.

The solution

Redapt worked with QuoteWizard to put in place a robust Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution.

The outcome

The faster, more responsive platform gave QuoteWizard the power to leverage more information in a more stable and secure way.

Moment of clarity

After taking a look at QuoteWizard's outdated SQL server solution and learning
about its needs, Redapt incorporated a data lake, data integration, and advanced
analytics into one robust PaaS solution.

What the company needed

QuoteWizard needed a data platform capable of delivering fast, reliable data 24/7 without any significant downtime. Any attempts to go in and modify the current architecture inevitably led to a cascade of other problems due to the rigidity of the outdated structures.

Furthermore, issues arose when QuoteWizard tried to build up support to move to a new cloud-based data platform. The company’s information culture made it difficult to push users beyond their reliance on the old way of accessing data.

Our recommendation

  • PaaS solution powerful enough to keep up with company growth.
  • Power BI to create accurate analytics and other tools to make more impactful decisions.
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse to store and manage more than four billion records.

The end result


  • Quickly manage

     a steady stream of customer inquiries as they come in.

  • Store and analyze new records

    arriving every 15 minutes on average.

  • Employ BI

     to crunch data and create accurate and more visually appealing analytics.

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