New Years Resolutions for Cloud Adoption

  • January 2, 2016

    New Years Resolutions for Cloud Adoption

    January 2, 2016

    Redapt solutions for your AWS New Year’s cloud resolutions

    “I will migrate my legacy app to the cloud”

    There are more ways then ever to securely migrate your legacy applications into the cloud. The new AWS Migration Service is a great place to start. Initially you can create a backup copy of your application’s data and use the service to manage the migration into the AWS cloud to increase your application’s availability and take care of what can be a time consuming task of data migration.

    Containerizing your legacy application helps isolate the environment and make encapsulate optimizations necessary to run your application. Once you have an application built in a way that is stable, you can use the AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) to insure that the application runs exactly the same way in the AWS cloud as it does inside your data center. By being able to more closely match AWS EC2 instance resources to a group of applications, each in their own isolated container environment, you are able to achieve better resource utilization across your instance fleet.

    “I will integrate my DevOps with the cloud”

    AWS excels at providing the right mix of solutions to match the components you’re already using today. AWS Elastic Beanstalk is a great place to start with auto-building / auto-scaling Development and Test environments with a multitude of code stacks support including Java, PHP, Python, .NET, Ruby, Ruby, Node.js and Docker. It also provides hands-on training around service operations and usage patterns for things like SNS notifications, AWS cloud formation, IAM user permissions and server roles, RDS and a whole host of other great services.

    When your ready to graduate to a production level environment AWS Elastic Beanstalk can scale right along with you. If you decide you have the need for a more custom built environment AWS has made great strides to make integrating your enterprise development environment easier. AWS OpsWorks is a custom Chef code-branch built around AWS services, AWS Code Commit provides a Git compatible private code repository, and AWS Code Deploy can automatically deploy your code to AWS EC2 instances with versioning.

    Finally, for more advanced development shops the AWS EC2 Container Registry (ECR) is a private repository for your container images, while AWS Lambda presents a new approach for short-duration services that are billed by the minute, integrate with a number of AWS services and are callable directly from within your code. AWS Kinesis is able to stream in your data real-time into the cloud, AWS Data Pipeline can process and transform it, and AWS Redshift can economically warehouse and analyze your results.

    Ready to create the solution for your New Year’s cloud resolution? Redapt has the resources you need.


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