Accelerate Your Time to Value with Redapt’s Managed Kubernetes

Our SUSE Rancher Jumpstart is designed to take your organization from zero to production-ready with Kubernetes in SUSE Rancher on an accelerated time frame at an optimal price point.

To do this, our experts provision cloud accounts on demand and ensure infrastructure is ready to use when it arrives at your datacenter. 

We also coach your development teams on containerization, Kubernetes and CI/CD topics, and assist you in getting your first app deployed in your new environment.


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    Rancher Control Plane management and upgrades

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    Kubernetes cluster management and upgrades

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    Cluster backup, restore, and disaster recovery

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    Alerting and monitoring

Package overview

  • Kubernetes implementation

    Gain the ability to spin up Kubernetes clusters in minutes from a laptop, on-premises servers, VMs, or the public cloud.

  • Expert support

    Increase your productivity and reduce risks by leveraging experienced consultants and proven best practices.

  • Accelerate development

    Achieve better quality and consistency of your deployments using DevOps automation.

  • Achieve agility

    Leverage hybrid deployment that allows for flexibility, choice, and portability.

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