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NetOps from SDN Essentials Now Part of Redapt

Redapt Marketing
November 2, 2018
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We’re excited to announce that Redapt now has expanded our network practice by fully integrating the services of SDN Essentials into the Redapt suite of offerings.

As you may have heard, Redapt acquired SDN Essentials in 2016 for its strong reputation in the market and ability to help organizations adopt emerging network technologies. The goal? To strengthen our network practice and expand the value our clients receive across some of the key areas their businesses rely on.  

A strong history

For more than five years, SDNE has served clients by focusing on two core sets of capabilities: networking services and educational development. Moving forward, the new business unit will focus on networking services.  

Single contact for all services

Now part of Redapt, the new business division’s focus is network architecture, design, implementation, NetOps, and network automation services. Clients using SDNE services will now have a single partner to recommend, deploy, and operate networks. 

Education and training

While education development is no longer a portfolio offering at Redapt, we continue to help our clients with skills transformation by working elbow-to-elbow with their engineers on products and openly sharing our knowledge. 

We are working to ensure a smooth transition for all SDN Essential clients throughout fulfillment of education services. Scheduled trainings will take place as planned.

We are excited to welcome SDNE team members to the Redapt family, not to mention the industry-leading services we now provide in this space. Want to join the family, too? Find out more about open career opportunities.

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