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Redapt Strengthens AI Innovation with NVIDIA Technology

November 23, 2018
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Redapt, a leading innovator of cloud-based business solutions, is pleased to partner with NVIDIA to accelerate deep learning initiatives for our customers. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more critical to competitive business growth, the partnership will help Redapt customers make better decisions, provide deeper customer experiences, and find breakthroughs in their respective fields.


“NVIDIA is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in the AI, deep-learning space,” said David Cantu, Chief Operations Officer at Redapt. “Our partnership creates a huge differentiator for customers by combining Redapt’s advanced AI and data science expertise with NVIDIA’s tightly integrated, AI-specific hardware and software to create exponential value.”


Over the past several years, adoption of AI has multiplied across all sectors, and adoption continues to accelerate. In the U.S., 85% of Americans report using at least one of six devices, programs, or services that feature elements of artificial intelligence.


Recognizing this trend, Redapt has upped the ante on AI through the acquisition of deep-learning powerhouse Attunix, providing competitive advantages such as AI chatbots, advanced analytics, and modern applications. This suite of innovative, cloud-based services provides the competitive advantage that organizations need.


In addition, Redapt has invested heavily in the computing performance needed to power deep learning initiatives, such as the NVIDIA DGX GPU-powered supercomputer. This allows Redapt to perform customer proof-of-concept for AI initiatives as well run large sets of data for customers in a fraction of the time.


“Our customers are making huge investments in AI,” said Cantu. “They look to us to help them lead in their industry through innovations in technology, and our partnership with NVIDIA is key to this success.”


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