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Strengthening the Value of Blockchain through AI and Data

Redapt Marketing
November 15, 2018
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Blockchain has been making its way along the Gartner Hype Cycle for the past few years, through inflated expectations and disillusionment, on the way to enlightenment and productivity. Hype or no, blockchain is transforming the world of business.  

Some innovative companies are working to accelerate blockchain on the Slope of Enlightenment by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. One such company is New Alchemy, where a team has been actively looking to determine best practices, metrics, or benchmarks for success.  

New Alchemy’s goal is to help corporations, entrepreneurs, and other visionaries navigate the complicated world of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and other cutting-edge distributed durable ledgers.  

They turned to Attunix to develop a solution that would help the company make intelligent use of data to further that goal.

As the company helps with launching new cryptocurrencies (ICOs), Ken Everett, director of engineering at New Alchemy, sought to leverage extensive data to establish relevant metrics and benchmarks. These would serve to help the team predict expected ICO success or failure, so they could leverage these learnings to help steer the business.  

To that end, they wanted to create a data analytics platform that could acquire, ingest, analyze, and display vast amounts of data from multiple social and analytics channels, internal project tracking data, and other data streams.

New Alchemy wanted the data analytics platform to:

  • Be 100% services/cloud based
  • Support industry-standard data warehousing practices
  • Be data lake-enabled for data science  
  • Have a best-in-class DevOps environment and code management

Learn more about how New Alchemy and Attunix accelerated data processing to create insights when you read their success story now.

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