Performance Visibility Enablement with Power BI

Accelerate your ability to make smarter decisions by supercharging your organization’s business intelligence with Power BI.

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Package Overview

Your organization’s data contains deep insights waiting to be unearthed — insights that help you make smarter business decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

Our Performance Visibility Enablement with Power BI package will supercharge your business intelligence (BI) capabilities so you can quickly and effectively begin turning data findings into actionable business improvements.




Self-service analytics

Infuse BI throughout your organization while reducing the costs and complexities of BI reporting by providing your teams with access to a robust analytics platform that scales when and how you need it.



Faster insights

Quickly reveal and visualize findings in every segment of your organization to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and make smarter decisions from real-time insights.



Data security

Keep your organization’s data safe and secure with tools such as sensitivity labeling, end-to-end encryption, and access monitoring in real-time.


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Discovery sessions

Our team of experts work with you to assess your current state of BI reporting and identify any gaps and areas for improvement.



Alignment with business goals

We conduct value stream mapping and KPI workshops to develop reporting sub achievements that align with the goals you are trying to achieve and pinpoint new areas of reporting.



Implementation of Power BI

In partnership with Microsoft Azure, we help you implement Power BI and assist you with identifying the right data visualizations, utilizing Power BI’s built-in AI capabilities, and adopting pre-built and custom data connectors.



Building of first reports

We assist you in creating a unified KPI matrix and guide the creation of your first set of high-level reports so you can begin drilling deeper into your organization’s data for more detailed reporting and accelerated troubleshooting.


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Our extensive business intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities are highly adaptable to your organization’s unique needs. We are platform agnostic and well-versed in empowering enterprises with the advanced BI reporting they need to increase efficiency and create a competitive advantage.