Use Case: Simple App Migration, BIG Value

  • January 15, 2016

    Use Case: Simple App Migration, BIG Value

    January 15, 2016

    The first step towards cloud adoption can be the toughest. 

    Migrating  applications to AWS, Azure, and Google Compute are an opportunity to  establish app architectures, deployment automation, and development  processes. When Redapt is engaged to assist our customers with  application migration efforts, we leverage the opportunity to develop  standards, establish DevOps practices and enable app development on  cloud-native frameworks. Our goal is to assist our customers in taking  full advantage of the benefits of the cloud, and accelerating the use of  the service with best practices. 

    As an example, Redapt assisted  a well-known international beverage brand in their first application  migration to AWS.  Our team migrated an existing PHP Application stack  and established an application architecture standard, containerized the  app, enabled auto scaling and integrated their tooling with a CI/CD  process. 

    Redapt Delivered: 

    • Development of AWS App Architecture Standards and Documentation
    • Establishment of DevOps Workflow
    • Build a DevOps Deployment Automation and integrated with current build systems
    • Containerization of Application
    • Successful Migration to AWS EC2 Container Services
    • Delivery of AWS, Docker and Automation Enablement Training 

    Customer Benefits: 

    • Accelerated App Development Velocity
    • Established Standards, which reduced IT Operations Workload
    • Quickly trained customer’s staff on Containers and DevOps processes
    • Established Efficient use of AWS Resources 



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