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Cloud Adoption Yields Newfound DevOps Culture and Accelerated Product Innovation

When a health and wellness company needed to accelerate delivery of a modernized application development platform, it partnered with Redapt to make it happen.

In a nutshell ...

A health and wellness company focused on connecting communities through shared experiences needed assistance in modernizing its application development platform. Adopting a DevOps culture and tools helped the organization shift resources from operations towards accelerated product innovation. 

The Problem

The healthcare organization was interested in increasing the pace of technology innovation. Unfortunately, the technical debt of a legacy development platform and the inflexible on-premises hardware were limiting progress--and the company’s IT team was resourced to operating datacenter infrastructure, maintaining development environments, and developing new application features.  

The Solution

The healthcare company engaged Redapt to accelerate the delivery of a modernized application development platform on Microsoft Azure DevOps services. The Redapt team provided Azure adoption services and migrated the company's development, test, and production environments to the Azure cloud. The overall solution enabled the client’s technology team to shift resources towards innovation rather than operations. 

The Outcome

A modern cloud-based DevOps environment. 

  • A smooth shift to DevOps culture and tooling.
  • Azure cloud and DevOps services--enablement resources to accelerate innovation .
  • Faster application deployment cycles and better application resilience for the client. 
  • Redapt deployed Azure infrastructure with best practices resulting in increased security posture and application performance. 
  • Redapt effectively transferred knowledge to the client's technology team. 

Moment of clarity

Adopting cloud services was the right strategy. However, the health and wellness organization realized it lacked the internal expertise to migrate and modernize its on-premises environment to Azure. The company found value in working with Redapt to accelerate the process and build out its new DevOps platform and application architectures with best practices. While the migration was underway, the company's IT professionals continued to keep its production environment running effectively while learning the new skills needed to efficiently operate in the cloud. 

What the company needed

Realizing accelerated application development and more resilient infrastructure, the health and wellness company--assisted by Redapt experts--accomplished:  

  1. Migration of on-premises application development platform to Microsoft Azure DevOps services. 
  2. Adapting legacy deployment automation to work with Azure cloud. 
  3. Build Azure cloud infrastructure with best practices for security, governance, and performance. 
  4. Knowledge transfer and support for the client's technology team. 

Our recommendation

Redapt recommended an Azure adoption services solution to solve the clients' application and cloud operations challenges.   

The end result

Our health and wellness client quickly adopted Microsoft Azure and DevOps services without disruption to productivity. After the migration, the healthcare company’s technology team began adopting a DevOps culture and the tools to increase the pace of innovation.

Additionally, Redapt’s DevOps experts were able to transfer critical application development history. The organization now has a single application development platform to efficiently operate on and a process to onboard IP acquired through acquisitions. The company boasts a highly innovative application development platform and infrastructure as a service. 

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