Cloud Adoption

Rising above the competition means delivering products and services faster, and at lower cost, all while meeting customers' organizational goals. Modern cloud technology makes it all possible.

By partnering with Redapt, you can implement a cloud solution that not only accelerates your ability to deploy new technologies but also increases your competitive advantage and unlocks cost savings along the way.

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Scale, increase efficiencies, and keep your systems secure with the cloud.

Whether you choose to migrate to the cloud fully—or in a hybrid or multi-cloud capacity—we’ll help you assess, engineer, and implement your solution. This type of strategic plan goes a long way in keeping your costs managed and your cloud adoption projects on track. Take a look at how our solutions can help you work smarter—not harder.


Cloud Strategy

Effectively utilizing cloud promises business agility, speed, and reduced costs. Meticulously planning and executing a strategy can ensure your organization realizes the expected results of your efforts.

Adopt the cloud with confidence

Begin your adoption process with your end goals in mind. Work with our team to develop a strategy and roadmap to guide your cloud transformation.

Select the right tech partner

A well defined strategy influences your selection of technology partners. We provide unbiased partner recommendations based on your goals and priorities.

The right architecture

Ensure your cloud strategy launches with well-architected solutions backed by industry best practices.

Seamless migration

Work with our cloud adoption experts to execute your migration plan with our proven methodology.

Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

Leverage virtually unlimited resources in the cloud by migrating your on-premises workflows and applications to Azure’s reliable, flexible, and cost-effective cloud.

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Azure Data Strategy Engagement

Leverage data throughout your organization by effectively managing it as a corporate asset. 


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Azure Virtual Deskstop

Create and orchestrate cloud desktop infrastructure in Microsoft Azure while ensuring data security and business continuity.

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Azure Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Adopt the cloud to leverage best-in-class solutions that spur innovation and maximize your investment potential.

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Azure Migration

Make a seamless and secure migration to the cloud.

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Migrating ISVs to Azure

Migrating ISVs to Azure Package Offering

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Make a strategic and smooth transition to the cloud today.

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