Google Cloud Databricks Microsoft Azure HashiCorp Rancher Intel Dell EMC Pure Storage Qumulo Red Hat OpenShift Hewlett Packard Enterprise Nutanix Cisco Arista Juniper Networks NVIDIA Snowflake Computing VMware Hammerspace NetApp Portworx Wiwynn SuperMicro Cumulus Profisee HYCU ZutaCore TimeXtender Hypertec Video Library

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Build scalable apps on Google's global, reliable, and secure infrastructure.

The Databricks platform eases infrastructure automation and scalability for data science and machine learning workloads and enables customers to keep pace with open-source innovation.

Migrate to a cloud designed for modern business.

Deliver applications faster with self-service automation and DevOps.

Deliver Kubernetes-as-a-Service to the datacenter, cloud, and edge.

Put Intel's transformative innovation to your datacenter.

The industry's most complete portfolio of datacenter infrastructure and solutions.

Pure Storage delivers simplicity and performance to data storage.

Data Storage built for high-performance and large-scale capacity that spans on-premises to cloud.

A Kubernetes platform that empowers developers to innovate and ship code faster.

HPE offers a robust portfolio of enterprise datacenter infrastructure and software solutions.

A hyper-converged infrastructure solution focused on flexibility.

Cisco is a full-stack datacenter infrastructure provider with a broad portfolio and global support capabilities.

Arista offers a solid datacenter networking portfolio enabling high-performance and scalable solutions.

Juniper's data center networking solutions support mission critical infrastructures and leverage standards that enable multi-vendor interoperability.

NVIDIA offers a portfolio of AI Infrastructure complete with GPU-optimized software and simplified management tools.

Empowering data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to work on any data without performance, scale, or concurrency limitations.

The enterprise virtualization and cloud computing software provider.

Hammerspace is a hybrid cloud file service that solved the hybrid multi-cloud complexity.

Build a data fabric to deliver your data where, when and how you need it.

A Kubernetes storage platform

Delivering high-density computing and storage solutions for cloud service providers.

A great option for high quality datacenter servers, storage, and IoT infrastructure.

Cumulus is a pioneer in open networking and the disaggregation of network operating systems from switching hardware, which can reduce costs by 30% or more.

Master data management software to build a trusted foundation of data.

Simple, intelligent, and application aware cross-cloud data backup, mobility, and disaster recovery that’s purpose-built for the modern datacenter.

Zutacore’s HyperCool solution transforms the economics of high-density computing.

TimeXtender helps companies create a modern data estate by moving from a patchwork of data management tools to an integrated platform that accelerates time to data insights by up to 10 times.

Hypertec is a Global Provider of Customized IT Solutions and Services for Enterprise, Public sector as well as small and medium businesses.

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From the cloud to the edge, the latest in application development to advanced analytics, Redapt experts can provide you with the insights and solutions you need to exceed your goals.

Application Modernization

Modernizing Your Applications for the Cloud

Learn how your enterprise can develop a successful roadmap to application modernization.

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Security & Governance

Identifying & Developing a Data Storage Protection System

Redapt expert Matt Francis discusses how your enterprise can put in place systems that ensure your data is always backed up and protected.

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Taking the Leap into AI

Redapt experts Amie Mason and Bryan Gilcrease discuss how your organization can unlock its data capital and adopt AI technology.

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The Redapt ML Accelerator

Redapt experts Paul Welch and Bryan Gilcrease discuss how the Redapt ML Accelerator can help your organization quickly get started on its ML (machine learning) journey.

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Application Modernization

Building a Modern Analytics Platform with Google Cloud and Redapt

Redapt Google Cloud Architect, Christof von Rabenau, discusses how your enterprise can build a modern data platform in order to leverage advanced analytics capabilities.

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Cloud Adoption

Making a Cost-Effective Transition to the Cloud

Redapt Director of Modern Datacenter, Chad Stanfield, discusses how your enterprise can utilize an MSP to move your workloads to the cloud.

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Deploying Managed Kubernetes with Dell EMC and Google Anthos

Redapt experts Vishnu Arunachalam and Matt Francis discuss how your enterprise can leverage Kubernetes on-premises or in the hybrid cloud with Dell EMC and Google Anthos.

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Reach the Market at Light Speed with Azure Kubernetes Service

Join Redapt expert and DevOps Practice Lead Jerry Meisner on utilizing Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

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Cloud Adoption

Anthos Activation Demo

Learn how this unique edge-to-cloud solution can help your business scale quickly without sacrificing visibility and security.

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Cloud Adoption

Anthos on Bare Metal

Learn how Google Cloud, Intel, and Redapt are helping enterprises leverage Anthos on bare metal to modernize business applications on hardware infrastructure to increase performance and flexibility.

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When Do I Need to Use Deep Learning?

Redapt Data Science Practice Lead Lev Selector on deep learning and when it makes sense for enterprises to invest in the technology.

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Getting Structure from the Unstructured

In this webinar, Redapt Senior Director of Storage Solutions Matt Francis does a deep dive into how our engineering services and Dell’s data management solution can help your organization unlock even more value from a steady stream of unstructured data

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The Fast Track to Agile: A Case Study in Adopting Kubernetes

In our latest video, our experts conduct a deep dive into how Redapt helped a global retailer accelerate its development and deployment process by adopting Kubernetes.

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Data & Analytics

How to Manage Larger-Scale Rack Integration

A solid rack integration process is key to achieving high-quality goals on time and on budget.

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Workplace Modernization

Financial KPI Development in an Agile World

In our latest video, Redapt Director of Advanced Analytics Kyle Clubb breaks down the ways enterprises can foster an agile environment to fully leverage enhanced business intelligence.

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The Development Life Cycle of Machine Learning

Redapt Senior Vice-President of Production Paul Welch breaks down the best practices enterprises should follow to navigate the complexities of Machine Learning life cycles.

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Cloud Adoption

Optimizing Google Cloud’s Big Query to Manage Costs

Get the most out of your investment with Google’s BigQuery data services while keeping costs manageable. Watch our video to learn how.

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