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About Redapt

At Redapt, we believe in the power of relationships. While the transformative technologies we integrate drive positive business outcomes, we understand that is only possible through building human connections.

We thank our customers for trusting us to deliver capital-intensive and business-critical technology implementations. Together, we are building a brighter future for everyone.

What We Do



Redapt is an end-to-end technology solutions provider bringing clarity to a dynamic technical environment. We help you navigate through challenges and obstacles to accelerate growth.

Our expertise spans from datacenter infrastructure to cloud implementations, and we bring knowledge and industry experience in all practice areas. For every engagement, we start by learning about your initiatives and requirements to gain better insight and understanding. Then we'll build a plan together.

Constant change means your business must either learn to leverage emerging technologies to maintain your competitive advantage or let your competition win. We're the trusted partner your business needs.

Empowering Organizations to Thrive

Together we'll imagine what is possible through technology and build solutions that make your vision a reality.

Achieve clarity in a crowded marketplace

There is an overwhelming array of technologies to choose from. Leverage our broad experience to streamline selecting what's best for business.

Roadmap to Success

The Redapt Tech Evolution Playbook simplifies building a prescriptive roadmap to achieving business outcomes through iterative and logical steps.

Delivery Excellence

Our teams focus on building solid relationships that enable delivering projects on time and within budget. We aim to earn lifetime customers and take ownership of every aspect of each projects.

Future-ready Technology

People run businesses, but technology enables scale, efficiency, and innovation. Redapt builds platforms allowing your business to thrive and adapt quickly to new opportunities.

In the datacenter, cloud, or multi-cloud

We provide everything form hardware (servers, storage, and network) to cloud strategy and engineering services. From bare metal to the cloud, we've got you covered.

Strength Through Diversity

Redapt is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) under the guidelines of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. (NMSDC) and is a proud member of the Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (NW MTN MSDC).


What We Are Not

We are Not Aggressive.

We will work together on your timeline if we ask the right questions, build a solution to achieve the desired result and present the best value.

We are Not Know-It-Alls.

Yes, we are experts, but we are humble, know we can always learn from others, and are open to new ideas.

We are Not Inflexible.

We offer packaged solutions but have customized every project to our customer’s unique requirements.

We are Not Junior Level Talent.

Our top engineers and architects are accountable for delivering excellence and building trusted relationships.

We are Not Single Solution Advocates.

We won’t cram a single solution down your throat. There are always multiple technologies to solve a challenge we will solve as a team.

We are Not One and Done.

We’re in technology, but it’s all about solid relationships. We aim to earn the privilege of doing more work together by delivering on every commitment.


Supporting Redapt means supporting a cause that resonates deep within the hearts of our co-founders. It’s not just about business; it’s a personal mission fueled by passion and a burning desire for change. Our goal is to make a lasting impact on the lives of underprivileged youth in the technology industry.

Our community outreach programs empower these individuals to rise above their circumstances and reach for the stars. Through sports programs, we ignite a fire within them fueled by teamwork, discipline, and unwavering resilience. We witness firsthand the remarkable transformation that occurs when these young minds come together, forging bonds that extend far beyond the playing field. In these moments, we see their spirits soar, and their dreams take flight.

But our commitment continues beyond there. We recognize that education is the key that unlocks doors to a brighter future. That’s why we provide college scholarships, mentoring programs, and non-profit support, allowing underprivileged youth to pursue technology education and grasp its tremendous potential. With your help, we can ensure that no deserving individual is left behind and that they have the tools and resources to break free from the chains of limitation and soar to new heights.

Your contribution goes far beyond financial support; it has the power to change lives. It makes a tangible difference in the lives of these young individuals, offering them a lifeline of hope and a pathway to success. Together, we become the driving force that empowers underprivileged youth to chase their dreams relentlessly to carve their path in the technology industry and beyond.

Join us in this noble cause. Together, we can profoundly impact the lives of underprivileged youth, forever altering their trajectory and shaping a brighter, more inclusive future.


Our core values are incorporated in everything we do and in how we built Redapt—the company we are proud to be a part of.

Serve, not sell

Serving others means we prioritize others before ourselves to create successful outcomes for the organizations and individuals we partner with. This simple principle is the foundation upon which we build long-standing relationships based on mutual trust.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We challenge the status quo and apply and entrepreneurial mindset to deliver outcomes that delight our customers.


We practice kindness in interacting with each other, our clients, partners, and community. We believe we can make a positive difference in our world, and practicing kindness helps us succeed in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our organization.

Relationships matter

At Redapt, we build trusted relationships through our investment in mutual success. We solve complex challenges together and count each client’s victory as our own.


We take ownership of producing the outcomes that our clients depend on us to deliver. At Redapt, everyone leads.


We work as a team across our organization, with our clients and partners. No silos. No egos. Just results.

Our evolution

Redapt's entrepreneurial journey.


A bootstrapped beginning

Redapt was founded in 1996 as a reseller of refurbished UNIX servers and workstations. The company operated from the basement of a co-founder Bellevue, Washington home. With $1000 in initial capital and the application of Nordstrom-like service, the team achieved immediate revenue and liftoff.


Dot com growth

Timing is everything and Redapt was in the right market at the right time. As a result, our enterprise product offerings and revenues grew exponentially by applying services that differentiated us in the market and responding to client advice.


Pivot towards technology services

Datacenter infrastructure has been excellent for us, but we wanted to offer our clients more value and reasons to continue their journeys with us. So, over the years, we've organically built our rack integration, DevOps, and cloud-native engineering capabilities.


From bare metal to cloud and beyond

Today, we are now 220+ technologists ready to help people deliver innovative IT services platforms and solutions that propel their organizations to new heights.

Contact us to gain a little more clarity

We love a challenge. Tell us about your needs, goals, and the obstacles in your way. We’ll help you find solutions to get past them.


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