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Getting your IT operations and code developers to work together harmoniously is a requirement for keeping your development pipeline moving smoothly.

DevOps culture, tools, and processes can help you do just this—align the goals and processes of the IT team to adopt a new mindset that radiates throughout your organization. We can help you devise a DevOps strategy that not only leads to better collaboration and quicker product releases but that also drives innovation, speed, and agility throughout your company.

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Deploy features and solutions quickly—while keeping your team happy.

Whether you build an in-house DevOps team or invest in an outsourced one, we’ll help identify solutions that allow you to develop applications in less time and foster a team that is collaborative and creative—and a company that is competitive.


DevOps Adoption

Outpace your competitors by adopting DevOps culture to accelerate software delivery while increasing application resilience and stability.

Increase performance

High performing DevOps culture efficiently delivers new products and features faster while attracting and retaining top talent.

Reduce lead time

Dramatically cut down the time it takes for your teams to go from code committed to code successfully running in production.

Resiliency and stability

Strong DevOps processes increase application resiliency and stability by removing human error and enabling rapid recovery from outages.

Shift left on security

Weave strong security measures into your software development process without hindering delivery velocity.

SUSE Rancher Pods

Scale and deploy enterprise containers across any enterprise environment and cloud.

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Anthos Pods

Facilitate a consistent DevOps and application development lifecycle with Anthos pods.

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Azure DevOps Quickstart

DevOps automation solves a myriad of application development and cloud operations challenges.

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Azure Kubernetes Service Accelerator

With Kubernetes and Azure infrastructure, your development team can increase velocity and improve performance of your applications.

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Anthos Adoption Accelerator

Modernize applications faster and deploy across a myriad of environments while maintaining operational consistency with Anthos by Google Cloud and Redapt.

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Containers and Kubernetes

Adopt cloud-native technology and reach new levels of innovation, performance, and reliability.

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DevOps Engineering Services

Accelerate your DevOps transformation utilizing our experienced team.

DevOps adoption

Adopt DevOps culture and disciplines with best practices by working alongside our experienced team.

Keep innovating

Build automated software development pipelines to streamline the process and eliminate human error.

Find the right tools

With so many options, it's a challenge to select the tools and technologies for your DevOps teams. We provide an unbiased perspective on what will deliver the best results for you.

The right skills

Utilize our talent to fill skill gaps, or have us work alongside your team to accelerate outcomes and transfer knowledge.

DevOps Engineering

Do you have a DevOps project that requires additional skilled engineers for a short duration?

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