Rick Cantu

Co-Founder, CEO & President

As CEO and co-founder of Redapt, Rick is a key contributor to our vision, business strategy, product development, marketing approach, and global operations.

David Cantu

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

David has been instrumental in Redapt’s 20+ years of growth, and as co-founder has worked to build a company that is interested in identifying promising enterprise technologies early as well as developing expertise ahead of the market.

Brent Malmstrom

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Brent is focused on developing and refining financial and operational strategies into sustainable business results. Over the span of his career, he has created and led global teams and global enterprise systems while mitigated risk and achieving operational excellence.

Vishnu Arunachalam

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Vishnu specializes in IT Leadership, Strategy/Organizational Development, Technology Operations, Project/Program Management, Process Improvement, System Integration, Training, Enterprise Architecture Cloud Architecture, Supply Chain Management, Business Productivity and Business Intelligence.

Matt Huff

Principal, EVP Business Development

Matt manages the sales team at Redapt and is responsible for sharing our capabilities and customer-driven outcomes with the larger partner ecosystem.

Jason Zeng

Senior Director, Sales Engineering & Solution Architects

Jason leads a team focused on providing modern datacenter infrastructure ideas, designs, and solutions to our clients globally.

Matt Francis

Practice Lead, Storage Solutions

Matt leads a team of Solution Architects and Sales Engineers focused on storage, virtualization, HCI platforms, AI/ML/DL, and data analytics. He also serves as the lead Architect, scoping needs, prescribing technology and services solutions, conducting PoCs, and performing final deployment services and hand-off.

Kyle Clubb

Practice Director of Advanced Analytics

Kyle is a seasoned full-stack data science and business intelligence leader providing advanced analytics solutions to data-centric organizations across many industries. Kyle has over twenty years of battle-hardened experience in enabling organizations to embrace data-driven decision-making, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and processes that allow impactful decision-making that results in strategic success for clients.

Jason Morgan

Director, Technology & Information Systems

Jason is responsible for Redapt’s Corporate IT operations and critical business application.

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