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Helping A Fintech Company Develop A Multi-Cloud Strategy by Migrating with Azure

When a fintech insurance company needed to develop a multi-cloud strategy, it partnered with Redapt to make it happen.

In a nutshell ...

The fintech organization developed a rapidly growing SaaS offering deployed on a single public cloud provider. However, a common objection for many potential clients was their preference for Microsoft Azure. To expand their market, our customer needed assistance in developing a multi-cloud offering, adapting their application architecture, and adopting Azure cloud. 

The Problem

The company was deeply integrated into AWS (Amazon Web Services) services and needed to expand to alternate cloud platforms to attract new customers. While the customer was well versed in AWS services, they lacked deep experience with Azure cloud services and migrating applications to the platform. 

With their flagship product being developed using multiple AWS specific services and their technology team lacking deep expertise on Azure, the company needed outside help to speed the delivery of a multi-cloud offering.

The Solution

We provided the company the services of our cloud adoption team who had experience in adapting AWS applications to Azure cloud.

The Outcome

Migrating their application to Microsoft Azure helped our customer achieve a strategic objective and increase revenue potential.

Moment of clarity

Every organization evaluates their options when choosing a service provider. When we shared our unique experience with migrating open-source cloud-native applications to Azure, they knew we were their team.


What the company needed

The fintech company had strong expertise in application development and AWS cloud operations. Strong customer demand required the organization to adopt Azure as another cloud platform for their solution. They lacked the Azure expertise and technical resources bandwidth to complete the objective. 

To move forward, the company chose to partner with Redapt. Together our teams developed a roadmap to multi-cloud capabilities while ramping their technology team up on Azure operations skills.

The company sought out Redapt because ... 

  • We were a Microsoft-certified partner with a track record of cloud-migration experience. 
  • Understood the Microsoft ecosystem and open-source stacks they used.  
  • Had subject-matter expertise around specifics of the migration that needed to happen.  
  • Had a deep-rooted history of relationships and connections to rely on.  
  • We were willing to assist the company move servers out of Russia because of the current events.

Our recommendation

We recommended an engagement that would help the fintech company become proficient with Azure and deploy the application.  

  1. Adapt AWS Application to Azure Architecture and Services. 
  2. Apply best practices for cloud security, governance, and cost controls. 
  3. Migrate and re-factor 250+ Linux and MySQL VMs. 
  4. Provide post-deployment managed services as the customer operations team gains Azure expertise.

The end result

The fintech organization quickly created a new offering that overcame a common objection to using their application services. They are now able to expand their offering to customers that prefer leveraging Microsoft solutions.

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