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Helping a Major SaaS Provider’s Product Shine

When a SaaS provider needed a way to efficiently and effectively deliver its products to customers, it partnered with Redapt on a dedicated datacenter infrastructure.

In a nutshell...

The SaaS provider faced a substantial amount of cost when it came to the infrastructure required to deliver its application to clients.  Redapt’s team of engineers provided the company with a tailored solution that helped reduce infrastructure cost dramatically without compromising on performance.

The problem

The SaaS provider was utilizing dedicated servers to deliver its application to clients. These servers were expensive to engineer for the company’s product. Compounding the issue was a higher than normal failure rate in the equipment, which led to delays in deploying compute capacity into production.

The solution

In partnership with Dell, Redapt designed and engineered a datacenter infrastructure solution that not only solved the failure rate problem but allowed the company to efficiently install its application on hardware explicitly tuned for best performance—all at a fraction of the cost the company was previously spending.

The outcome

By utilizing Redapt’s value engineering services, the SaaS provider has been able to reduce its failure rate to less than one half of one percent (<0.5%) on average. In addition, the SaaS provider’s server costs were reduced by $7,000 per server—a substantial savings.

Moment of clarity

Knowing the SaaS provider was facing the one-two punch of a high-failure rate and the need to overspend just to deliver its application, Redapt determined a dedicated infrastructure designed and engineered specifically for the application would reduce costs, accelerate the time it took to bring its product to customers, and help the SaaS provider showcase in its best light..

What the company needed

In order to reduce costs and accelerate the delivery of its application to customers, the SaaS provider needed a solution that was tuned for optimal performance. This solution also needed to be plug-and-play ready in order to limit the time customers needed to integrate the infrastructure within their own systems and stacks.

Our recommendation

In partnership with Dell and the SaaS provider, Redapt’s team of engineers designed and built a dedicated datacenter infrastructure that created an optimal environment for the company’s application to run in. Additionally, Redapt provided a way for the company to install and test its application while it was in Redapt’s integration center and utilized Redapt’s proprietary automation testing to ensure all hardware components were fully functioning before being released into the wild.

The end result

By using Redapt’s integration services and automated testing solutions, the SaaS provider was able to hit both goals of reduced costs and reduced failure rates. This allowed the company to deliver its product to customers with a high level of confidence.

  • Designed a dedicated data center infrastructure solution

    uned to make the SaaS provider’s application run optimally.

  • Developed automated testing

    that reduced the failure rate to less than one half of one percent on average.

  • Reduced the cost of servers

    housing the SaaS provider’s application by $7,000 per server.

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