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Improving Predictive Analytics Outcomes

An energy company develops highly-accurate predictive models to optimize operations and cut costs.

In a nutshell ...

A large energy company was looking to improve an outdated data processing system which caused constant frustrations and stoked worries about the reliability and availability of accurate data. Dealing with a patchwork of data sets which needed constant monitoring and validation, the company decided to move on to a modern, less cumbersome architecture.

The problem

The client needed help moving its data analytics processes to Azure, as well as assistance developing highly-accurate predictive models to optimize the load serving operations while reducing costs. New to cloud but still conservative with new technology, the organization opted to gradually transition to several Azure components/services with the support of the Redapt team, to regain trust in its data and feel more confident when making business decisions.

The solution

Redapt’s efforts to help the energy company achieve its technological goals included: migration to the cloud of its on-premises data estate, ETL pipelines implementation to create dependable and secure workflows for moving and transforming data, predictive analytics, business intelligence capabilities with Machine Learning and cognitive API’s, and more.

The outcome

The energy company was behind technologically, and it hurt them in the long run as a result. Confronted with energy management challenges in an ever-changing business landscape, raw material price volatility, procurement difficulties, and increased government regulations, the organization invested in a system that would help diminish uncertainty now and in the future, contribute to better risk management practices and result in business success.

Moment of clarity

In Redapt, the organization found the right MS partner to provide business solutions powered by cloud. With over 600,000 energy customers across the North West and millions of data records, the organization can now focus on maximizing productivity and ensuring business continuity.

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What the company needed

The energy company needed Redapt’s expertise to migrate its analytics processes to Microsoft Azure and develop several highly-accurate predictive models to optimize the load-serving operations, to forecast electricity and source (wind, solar, natural gas, etcetera) usage, and cut costs.

Our recommendation

We recommended building electrical usage and energy source usage forecasting models that would support the company’s core business, and estimated millions of dollars in cost savings for the energy company. 

The end result

The custom models that Redapt’s enterprise data services team implemented allowed for more control– feature engineering, parameter specification, faster training/prediction time, and less administrative overhead.

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