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Improving WideOrbit’s Data Platform Reliability

When WideOrbit, a privately-held leader in premium broadcast technology and the largest sell-side processor of premium digital and linear advertising, needed improved stability and reliability for its major data platform, the company partnered with Redapt to find a more dependable cloud solution.

In a nutshell

The problem

WideOrbit ran its WO Marketplace product on a cloud platform for years. During this time, the team experienced several reliability issues. These issues cost them revenue, increased operation costs, and most significantly, impacted client satisfaction.

The solution

WideOrbit wanted a more reliable cloud provider and turned to us for help. After assessing the needs of the organization, we recommended the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and worked in partnership with the client's DevOps team to perform a data migration.

The outcome

Since migrating its WO Marketplace data platform to GCP, WideOrbit has significantly improved stability and reliability, with a corresponding improvement in customer satisfaction. Utilizing GCP has also helped reduce operational costs.

Moment of clarity

WideOrbit’s critical need was a cloud platform that was stable and resilient. Examining the company's problem and needs, Redapt determined GCP as the best fit for its migration project.


What the company needed

WideOrbit ran WO Marketplace in a cloud platform for a couple of years. During this time, the team experienced multiple service interruptions that resulted in lost revenue, increased costs, and inconvenience to clients. Their technical team worked with the cloud provider to stabilize the environment, but the effort did not yield sufficient improvement. 

WideOrbit worked with Redapt to find a new cloud provider that would be reliable while also meeting all their business needs. After a thorough analysis, we recommended GCP as the solution that would hit both marks while also reducing operational costs for the company.

Our recommendation

  • An infrastructure design that would help in hosting multiple products and services in GCP.

  • A full migration plan in partnership with the Redapt's DevOps and Infrastructure teams, WideOrbit's DevOps team, and the Google Cloud Account Team.

  • Hashicorp Terraform Automation to help in the provisioning of WideOrbit’s WO Marketplace in GCP.

  • Monitoring of the spend on the GCP environment during and after the migration to realize cost savings.
  • Utilization of the following technologies: Compute Engine, Instance Groups, Cloud CDN, IAM, Cloud Storage, Global Load Balancing, Cloud VPN, and Stackdriver.

The end result

Working with Redapt, WideOrbit was able to painlessly make the migration of its WO Marketplace offering to GCP.

  • Greatly improved stability

    for WideOrbit’s data platform on GCP, positively impacting client satisfaction.

  • Substantial cost savings

    from utilizing a more reliable cloud platform for the company's product.

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