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Maintaining High Security While Increasing Mobility and Flexibility

When a Colorado-based space technology company needed help to expand and maintain its air-gapped environment to run downstream Kubernetes clusters in the cloud, this space innovator reached out to Redapt for support.

In a nutshell

The problem

Utilizing HashiCorp Terraform to provision its AWS environments, the space technology company wanted to run its downstream clusters in AWS while maintaining an air-gapped environment necessary for high security.

The solution

Brokered through Rancher, the space innovator engaged with Redapt to understand how to configure its AWS environment to increase availability across regions while upholding its highly secure private network. The Redapt team proposed building out Terraform Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to provision the downstream clusters within AWS.

The outcome

Redapt delivered a Terraform IaC solution that provisions downstream clusters in AWS and allows the client to better utilize native AWS resources like autoscaling and automation to spin up clusters at will within secure environments across regions.

Moment of clarity

To overcome the challenges of air-gapped environments in Rancher, our client leveraged Redapt experts to develop a robust Terraform solution for downstream provisioning clusters in AWS.


What the company needed

Redapt's team of experts configured the AWS environment to ensure private endpoints were utilized by default—rather than using the Rancher control plane, which by default, makes use of public endpoints. The Redapt team also provided the client with a documented upgrade strategy, allowing the client to replace versions of Kubernetes easily and as needed.

Our recommendation

  • Terraform infrastructure as code to support private IPs and automation
  • Optimization of native cloud resources such as AWS Auto Scaling
  • Optimization of total cloud cost  
  • Customized and documented upgrade strategy to use as deployment template for replacement Kubernetes clusters
  • Dynamic ability to scale and apply changes to air-gapped environments across multiple regions

The end result

Through its partnership with Redapt, the space technology company obtained the mobility and flexibility it desired to spin up clusters at will securely and effortlessly.

  • Maintaining and ensuring

    high security of the client's network.

  • Utilization of native cloud resources

    to better optimize the client's AWS environments.

  • Massively improving the client's ability

    to deploy and replaces Kubernetes clusters at will across environments and the globe.

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