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Making the Move to AKS

When a major county in Washington state needed a path for adopting Kubernetes in Azure, it partnered with Redapt for migration and a knowledge transfer.

In a nutshell

A large county in Washington state needed assistance migrating its workloads to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

The problem

For years, a county in Washington state had been successfully relying upon Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in Azure to manage workloads. When the CMS software provider required a shift to Kubernetes, the county needed help with both the process of migrating workloads and knowledge with how Kubernetes worked.

The solution

Redapt provided the county with a DevOps solution that allowed it to seamlessly and efficiently transition from its PaaS solution to AKS. We also conducted a knowledge transfer on Kubernetes management and best practices to the county’s teams.

The outcome

After successfully adopting Kubernetes and transferring its workloads to AKS, the county was able to meet the update requirements of its CMS. It is also able to leverage the speed and scalability of Kubernetes going forward. In addition, the county’s teams now have a thorough understanding of Kubernetes, and are able to utilize Redapt’s consulting services to further expand their Kubernetes capabilities.

Moment of clarity

Because the move to AKS would be a major change for the county’s teams, we determined additional education of Kubernetes, containers, and deploying cloud-native applications would be a major benefit.


What the company needed

A county in Washington state needed assistance migrating from a PaaS solution in Azure to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). This migration would allow the county to continue working with a CSM its teams were comfortable with.

To make the migration, the county needed assistance with the process of transferring workloads from PaaS to AKS, along with a knowledge transfer from Redapt experts on how to deploy and manage containers with Kubernetes.

Our recommendation

Working with the county’s teams, Redapt developed a path for migrating to AKS that included:

  • Kubernetes enablement training on containers, and deployment and testing of Kubernetes.
  • A roadmap for safely and securely migrating workloads from the county’s Azure-based PaaS to AKS.
  • Full testing and security implementation within the county’s AKS environment.
  • Ongoing consultation to further expand the county’s supportability of Kubernetes.

The end result

With the migration of its workloads to AKS complete, the county is now able to continue using its preferred CMS while enjoying the great agility and scalability that AKS provides.

  • More flexibility, resiliency, and scalability in managing workloads.
  • Increased security.
  • Greater understanding of Kubernetes and cloud-native application development.

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