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Migrating to AWS with a Clear Understanding of Costs

When Elliott Data Systems, a leading integrator of identity solutions, needed to leverage the cloud to stay ahead of competitors within its industry, it turned to Redapt for support.

In a nutshell

The problem

To meet increasing datacenter resource demands, Elliott Data Systems, a leading integrator of identity solutions, needed to migrate its exponentially growing business to the cloud. At the same time, the integrator wanted to focus investments on innovation rather than datacenter infrastructure and operations. Additionally, to make a data-informed business decision, Elliott Data Systems needed a cost analysis of how the migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) would impact its overall operational expenses.

The solution

Redapt provided Elliott Data Systems with a roadmap to migrate its on-premises servers and data to AWS, using best practices defined in the AWS Well-Architected Framework. This migration roadmap allowed the applications to run within a native technology stack that included SQL databases on EC2.

The outcome

Migrating to AWS accelerated application development and deployment times, enhanced security features, reduced operational complexity, and improved performance monitoring. At the request of the client, Redapt also implemented a more robust application and data recovery solution.

Moment of clarity

Understanding that a cloud migration would positively impact operational costs (and that remaining on-premises would dramatically hinder growth), it was clear for Elliott Data Systems that adopting AWS was the right business decision.


What the company needed

As Elliott Data Systems recognized its growing need for increased scalability and flexibility, the leading integrator chose to accelerate its application development velocity by migrating to the cloud while continuing to monitor costs.


Our recommendation

  • Implement with best practices and AWS Well-Architected Framework
      • Operational excellence: Infrastructure automation with HashiCorp Terraform
      • Security: Best practices for networking and secrets management
      • Reliability: Multi-availability zone architecture
      • Cost optimization: Simplified architecture to reduce complexity and licensing costs
  • Cloud migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
      • Migration architecture to move applications and data from on-premises environment to the cloud
      • Implementation of CloudWatch to monitor the production environment
      • Enablement of load balancing across multiple availability zones

The end result

Through its partnership with Redapt, Elliott Data Systems successfully migrated its on-premises environment to AWS.

  • Accelerating production goals

    while continuing to run SQL databases on EC2.

  • Obtaining a single pane of glass view

    for cost monitoring, application performance, and other key business metrics.

  • Enhancing security features

    reducing operational complexity, and improving performance monitoring.

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