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Rescuing Accounting Services Provider RDA Systems’ Data on a Deadline

When the company was informed all their client servers were being shut down on short notice, they partnered with us to migrate 135 servers to a new cloud provider.

In a nutshell

The problem

RDA Systems learned their cloud provider was shutting down its servers. The company needed to migrate 135 servers filled with valuable client data on a very short timeline. If they missed the deadline, all their data would vanish.

The solution

Redapt worked with RDA Systems to migrate all 135 of its client servers to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) safely and efficiently.

The outcome

RDA Systems were able to realize a reduction in operational costs due to the move to GCP. More importantly, all their client data was saved.

Moment of clarity

With the clock ticking, Redapt helped RDA Systems identify GCP as a good fit for its data needs. Working alongside Sureline Systems, Redapt then utilized SureEdge as the migration solution.


What the company needed

RDA Systems was running all of their client servers on a managed service provider. The service provider informed RDA Systems they would be turning off their cloud services by November 9, 2019. RDA Systems needed assistance with migrating all 135 servers prior to the end date. If RDA Systems was not able to migrate all of the servers, they would lose important client data.

We recommended the company migrate all of their systems to GCP due to its valuable tools, including monitoring of client environments, custom sized virtual servers, and better performance of the virtual environment. RDA Systems also realized there would be substantial cost-savings compared to what they were paying their current service provider.

Our recommendation

  • TCO analysis using tools such as Cloud Physics to objectively prove cost savings.

  • Migration of 135 servers from their existing managed service provider to GCP via Sureline Systems’ SureEdge application.

  • Nightly migration schedule based on RDA Systems’ client change management window.

  • Monitoring of the spend on the GCP environment during and after the migration to realize cost savings.

The end result

Despite the compressed timeline, RDA Systems was able to make the migration and save their client data ahead of schedule.

  • 135 servers migrated

    safely and efficiently.

  • Substantial reduction in costs

    due to migrating from a private cloud provider to GCP.

  • Access to an array of new tools

    to better manage and leverage data.

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