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Streamlined Datacenter Appliance Distribution for an Enterprise Software Company

As an enterprise software company’s revenue boomed, so did demand of its datacenter appliance. To meet its increasing demand, the enterprise software company partnered with Redapt to manage manufacturing and distribution.

The problem

High demand for demo units was driving a need for increased business investments in employee base, processes, resources, and product inventory. The enterprise software company preferred to direct its investments toward strategic initiatives like continuous product improvement.

The solution

Redapt helped the software company keep pace with high demand and fast growth without additional expenditures by managing manufacturing, configuration, and logistics of its datacenter appliance distribution process.

The outcome

A robust customer program that efficiently manages procurement, on-hand inventory, software deployment, demo units, and customer shipment logistics. Additionally, the software company grossly improved product shipments from several days to just hours after receipt of order.

Moment of clarity

Understanding its need to improve appliance shipment lead times and reliably meet end of quarter revenue goals, the enterprise software company partnered with Redapt to design a solution capable of predicting demand and ensuring same-day shipment.


What the company needed

Meeting increasing demand for datacenter appliances and keeping up with fast growth would require an investment from the enterprise software company of over $2M.

During the initial project scoping, the software company realized that in addition to investing in inventory of demo units and ready-to-ship product, its manufacturing and distributing capabilities for its datacenter appliance would need people to run its process and develop its systems, and warehousing to store its inventory.

Our recommendation

  • Use of Redapt’s integration services and center to perform system software installation, consistent configuration, component testing, and packaging.
  • Offloading demo unit logistics to accelerate the datacenter appliance sales process.
  • Inventory stocking program to reduce risk associated with unpredictable lead times and ensure same-day shipment of product.


The end result

Redapt’s ongoing program with this enterprise software company enables the company to focus on continuous improvement of its product and achievement of its revenue goals.

Your trust and confidentiality are our top priorities. Redapt prioritizes and protects our customer’s privacy, so we don’t publicly disclose account names or other identifiable information. We are eager to share our successes and are happy to provide specific referrals or case studies upon request.

  • Reduced required investment

    through offloading appliance manufacturing and distribution.

  • Accelerated sales pipeline

    with an enhanced product demo experience.

  • Consistent achievement of revenue goals

    through on-hand, ready-to-ship inventory.

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