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Using Data to Intelligently Acquire New Customers and Guide Them to Successful Outcomes

Looking to expand its expertise in the world of crytocurrencies, New Alchemy seized the opportunity to make intelligent use of data to better advise customers. Gaining a deeper understanding of proprietary and external data streams enabled the New Alchemy team to be predictive about Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) success.

In a nutshell

The problem

New Alchemy provides a full spectrum of guidance for the cryptocurrency market that ranges from tactical, technical execution to high-level theoretical marketing.

To provide best-in-class advisory services, New Alchemy needed to build an advanced data & analytics platform to deliver accurate, data-driven insights to pinpoint predictive patterns for ICO success.

The solution

New Alchemy partnered with Redapt to develop a cloud-based data analytics platform to ingest, analyze, and present data from a plethora of sources.

The outcome

New Alchemy now has a platform to gauge its client projects and proactively advise corrective actions to increase the likelihood of reaching its goals. The platform is also a robust business development tool that drives new business opportunities.

Moment of clarity

“We selected Redapt because their team offered insights about how they would go about the project, and what approach they recommended, right from the initial meeting.” – Ken Everett, Director of Engineering, New Alchemy


What the company needed

To deliver accurate data-driven insights and gain a competitive advantage from its advanced analytics platform, New Alchemy needed:

· A cloud-based services approach

· A data lake optimized for data science

· DevOps adoption to speed the pace of innovation

· A data warehousing powerfully built on best practices


Our recommendation

· Data discovery and acquisition to identify relevant data streams.

· Data ingestion platform to ingest, store, and manage the disparate data.

· Data analysis and presentation to process and accurately visualize data.

The end result

Through its engagement with Redapt, New Alchemy’s project was a big success, giving the company a better understanding of how to apply data science to its business. Together, Redapt and New Alchemy achieved its immediate goals and the DevOps pipeline set the company up for continued innovation.

  • Delivered a data science ready data lake

    providing predictive insights into the ICO market.

  • Created a new business development channel

    enabling the organization to intelligently acquire new customers.

  • Enabled DevOps pipeline

    to speed the pace of continued innovation.

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