The Redapt & Google Cloud Anthos On-Premises Jump Start Package 

The Redapt & Google Cloud Anthos On-Premises Jump Start Package provides turn-key hardware and services that enable enterprises to accelerate their adoption of Kubernetes

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Anthos is an open hybrid and multi-cloud application platform that enables you to modernize your existing applications, build new ones, and run them anywhere in a secure manner.

Anthos also allows you to leverage the power and stability of the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) along with advanced configuration management and service mesh features fully supported by Google Cloud.

Ultimately, Anthos gives you the ability to unleash your developers and allow them to innovate faster while still maintaining operational stability and security.

Redapt Validated Solution


As a leading Google Cloud Premier Partner, Redapt has the experience to design and deploy Anthos clusters with confidence. We offer two pre-validated hardware solutions that gives enterprises flexible deployment options, reduces risk, and speeds implementation.

For enterprises that want to start small or have multi-tenancy needs on shared hardware, we offer a VMware-based platform.

For enterprises that plan to deploy Anthos as scale, we offer a bare metal rack-scale platform that can be delivered as a pre-integrated rack that allows for rapid scaling.



Jump Start Package Details

As part of the Google Cloud Anthos On-Premises Jump Start Package, Redapt will work with the organization to identify and deploy a pilot application in the on-premises Anthos platform. The typical Jump Start Package engagement is 4-5 weeks in length and is broken down into the following stages:



Kickoff & Onboarding


Discovery & Design


Anthos Deployment


Anthos Platform Smoke Tests / Health Check


Pilot Workload Migration


Validation & Testing


Knowledge Transfer


Why Redapt?

We are unique in that we offer both datacenter infrastructure and cloud adoption services. This makes us the perfect partner to work with as your team ramps up their skills to leverage the power of cloud-native and drive your digital transformation efforts.



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