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Accelerate the time to market of your enterprise software product by delivering pre-integrated solutions.

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Every ISV wants to provide a world-class customer experience when they deliver new enterprise software.

Our OEM appliances offering is designed to manage every step of the process for you. By partnering with us, you can quickly deliver your software to customers via a dedicated datacenter infrastructure designed to show your product in the best light.

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Efficient delivery of your enterprise software product

Provide your customers with a dedicated and optimized infrastructure engineered to ease the adoption and implementation of your product for customers.



Show your product in the best light

Eliminate the potential for customers to struggle with integrating your software product into their datacenter.



Focus less on logistics and more on innovation

Leverage the help of experts for every aspect of delivering an OEM appliance so you can spend your time creating better products.

Package overview



Discovery sessions

Our team works with you to identify your business goals and the potential pain points in your current process for delivering your product to customers.



Solution design

We’ll work with you to design a dedicated infrastructure solution tailored to improve customer experience and streamline software support.



Build and logistics

Our teams will handle the procurement, build, and logistics of your customized infrastructure solution. We manage inventory, integrate your software, and deliver product to your customer’s datacenter as a service.



Ongoing support

Our offering also includes full appliance lifecycle support of your OEM appliance, allowing you to focus on software support only.

Why Redapt?

Our extensive OEM appliance capabilities are highly adaptable to your organization’s unique needs. We are multi-vendor; we will manage design, production, and quality control of your appliance; and we can scale to any level you require.



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