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Welcome to the Redapt Website.  By your ability to access, browse and/or use our website, you are agreeing to comply with the following Terms of Use (also referred to as “Terms”) and all terms and conditions incorporated here in. Please carefully review these terms before using the website and any information provided by Redapt, Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter, “Redapt, Inc.”). If you wish not to comply with the following terms please discontinue use of the Redapt website.

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These terms apply to all Redapt, Inc. information provided on www.redapt.com and all owned and/or operated websites that are linked to www.redapt.com by Redapt, Inc. and its subsidiaries. These terms also apply to any and all online resources, collateral, materials, download areas, tools and interactive venues provided on the Redapt, Inc. website, including without limitation, blogs, discussion sites, social media, services offering information (hereinafter, “Online Mediums”), both now and in the future.  Redapt, Inc. may also publish medium-specific terms of use in which event, these terms shall remain in full force and effect to the extent that the terms do not conflict with the medium-specific terms of use.


The Redapt, Inc. website, encompassing past, present, and future versions; all pages found within the Redapt, Inc. website including but not limited to text, audio, videos, designs, all graphics, images, webinars, advertising copy, artwork, user interfaces, all computer applications, articles, any and all copyright-able material and all other materials, including design, structure, layout and arrangement of such content contained on the Redapt, Inc. website. Additionally including trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand elements, whether registered are owned, controlled or licensed by or to Redapt, Inc. and protected by Intellectual Property laws. Includes but not limited by trademark, domain name, patent, copyright, international treaties, trade secrets, and other property rights including unfair competition laws.  . Through use of Redapt, Inc. content and/or website you acknowledge and agree to abide by all applicable Intellectual Property laws, as well as any additional notices contained within website/content.

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Redapt, Inc. website, content, and online mediums may contain user or third party submitted content, such as feedback, posts, suggestions, submissions and other materials, intended for review by the general public, and/or members of any public or private community. Redapt, Inc. does not own or claim ownership of third party submitted content and has no liability or obligation of any kind, including without limitations omissions, damages, errors, and other inaccurate information created by the third party submissions. These submissions are not approved or endorsed by Redapt, Inc. As part your submission agreement Redapt, Inc. does hold the right to restrict access, edit or remove any content deemed inappropriate via the online mediums.

Use of Redapt, Inc. website, content, and online mediums for any purpose that infringes on the rights of any third party is not permitted. Reporting any content that is believed to infringe your copyright is encouraged.


All trademarks, logos, slogans, domain names (“marks”) and service marks referenced on Redapt.com and other content, materials, webinars, presentations, and all materials provided by or for Redapt, Inc. are either common-law services marks, trademarks or registered trademarks or services marks of Redapt, Inc. or its subsidiaries and are protected by trademark laws in the United States and International laws and treaties.

Additionally reference to other companies, trademarks and products mentioned on Redapt, Inc. websites and/or content mediums does not imply sponsorship, endorsement and or association with Redapt, Inc. Prior written permission to Redapt, Inc. or third parties must be given with acceptance prior to use of any marks displayed on website, including meta tags and hidden text used by Redapt, Inc. and its licencors.

Privacy Statement.

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Redapt, Inc. Services. Specific terms and conditions may apply to your services and support with Redapt, Inc. Redapt, Inc’s obligations with regards to services are defined separately from the terms and conditions provided on Redat.com terms of use.  The website content refereeing to services provided by Redapt, Inc. may be outdated and makes not committement to such material. Services mentioned may or may not be permitted/available in your country and such references does not imply Redapt, Inc. the responsibility of providing such materials. Please consult with your Redapt Solutions Advisor for the appropriate terms and conditions for services as well as availability for your area/region/country.

Promotions. Website and online mediums may contain promotions, offers, sweepstakes, contests, or other similar features, which may be subject to rules separate from the terms of use that are described specifically for the contents or promotion or event. These conditions may apply to eligibility requirements, such as age or geographic area restrictions. Responsibility is solely yours to verify and read all rules to determine your participation eligibility, including but not limited to registration rules, details, and to determine the sponsor’s requirements in connection with contest or promotion.


Thank you for your efforts in providing Redapt’s information to clients. We encourage your site to link to Redapt.com homepage or Redapt Partners page. Any other page linked must be pre-approved by Redapt, Inc. You may link to Redapt.com homepage or Redapt Partners page as long as the content is not manipulated, duplicated or framed in a way the is not represented by Redapt. All use of Redapt logos and trademarks must be pre-approved prior to use. Redapt holds the authority to terminate permission to link to the Redapt website at any time and on its sole discretion. If such event occurs you agree to immediately remove all links to Redapts website pages. Redapt reserves the right to disable all unauthorized links or frames with no claim to the responsibility of lost content.


Redapt, Inc. may contain links and reference to non-Redapt sites. Once you have accessed a third party site you are no longer under the terms and privacy policy of Redapt and will need to refer to the third parties terms or use and privacy policy. Accessing third party sites through Redapt.com is at your own risk, Redapt holds no responsibilities to any third party sites. Furthermore, Redapt is not responsible for any content on third party sites, endorsements, advertisements, accuracy, opinions, etc…


The use of Redapt.com, subsidiaries or user generated content posted by third parties is at your sole risk. Redapt.com is provided as an informational purpose only on an “As-Is” basis without any warranties, expressed/implied or any kind. Redapt makes no representation, warranties or guarantees as to the quality, truth, accuracy, suitability or completeness of content. Redapt makes no representation, warranties, or guarantees of the quality and truth on any information provided through a third party site connected to Redapt.com. Using Redapt.com, you assume all risk and responsibility for any loss or damage to your computer system, data and business.


Redapt.com and subsideraries Shall not be liable for the following:


Through use of the Redapt.com website you agree to indemnify and hold Redapt, its subsidiaries, officers, directors, agents, employees and representatives harmless from any claims and demands, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party arising from or related to your use of and access to redapt.com, content you submit, post, transmit or otherwise make available via Redapt.com, your violation to Terms of Use.


The agreement terms between you and Redapt relating to your use of and access to the Redapt website. Washington law and U.S. Federal law shall govern any action related to the Terms of Use for the site, without regrd to the choice of law rules. In any dispute between you and Redapt, you agree to submit to personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in King County, Washington, United States.

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