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AWS Gen AI for Retailers Solution Guide – Blog Announcement

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on December 12, 2023 | Posted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Generative AI

The retail industry is standing at the precipice of a transformative revolution, and at the heart of this evolution lies Generative AI—a game-changer that allows retailers to adapt and thrive in the face of ever-evolving customer needs. In a recent report by Accenture, the global market size of AI within retail is projected to reach an astounding $31.2 billion (about $96 per person in the US) by 2028, signaling a seismic shift in the landscape of retail possibilities.

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However, the question is not whether to embrace Generative AI. It’s all about how and when to do so. To guide you through this revolutionary journey, we are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive solution guide: AWS Generative AI for Retailers: The Complete Guide.

After reading this guide, you will: 

  1. Understand how retailers are leveraging Generative AI to create valuable insights, automate operations, and navigate the complex merchandising landscape with unprecedented accuracy—delving into how retailers are embracing Generative AI to enhance efficiency, productivity, and creativity. 
  1. Discover how Generative AI takes retail merchandising to new heights by predicting trends accurately, customizing store layouts, automating visual merchandising, and streamlining customer experiences— increasing efficiency through automation. 
  1. Learn what it takes to navigate Generative AI challenges, including the necessary infrastructure, organizational structure, and governance to ensure ethical and responsible AI deployments. 
  1. Uncover real-world Generative AI use cases of leading brands that have already harnessed the power of Generative AI to enhance customer experiences, make personalized recommendations, and deliver hyper-relevant retail suggestions.

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Stay ahead of the competition with Amazon Bedrock

Take a deep dive into Amazon Bedrock, an AWS technology that introduces foundational models from leading AI startups and established reputable companies, including Amazon. Explore the ease of use, robust security features, and flexible pricing structures that Amazon Bedrock provides for retailers looking to stay ahead in the competitive retail landscape.

Ease of use: Learn how Amazon Bedrock provides the easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with high-performing foundation models from renowned AI companies. 

Security: Better understand how Amazon Bedrock prioritizes security and privacy, ensuring your content remains confidential with features like HIPAA eligibility and GDPR compliance. 

Pricing: Explore the flexible pricing options, including on-demand and provisioned throughput, designed to meet your specific application's performance requirements.

Introducing the Redapt SmartBot

Get a glimpse into Redapt SmartBot™, an AI-powered communication tool on the AWS Marketplace. Learn how SmartBot™ goes beyond conventional chatbots—augmenting processes, unlocking information, gaining efficiencies, and reaching more people across channels. 

For those ready to revolutionize their retail strategy, the journey begins here. Begin your Generative AI journey. Download the guide now.