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Business Continuity Through COVID-19

By David Cantu | Posted on April 1, 2020 | Posted in Workplace Modernization

As our world navigates the uncertainties around the global COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to stress the importance of health collectively.

We're in this together, and the Redapt team is committed to doing what is necessary to protect our communities, employees, and families. Additionally, we feel fortunate to support customers and technologies that enable remote workforces.

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Work remote enablement

To actively ensure the health of our staff and the greater community, Redapt has implemented a work-remote policy for every employee who can perform their job functions remotely.

While the Redapt team enjoys working with one another and customers in person, we're accustomed to working independently, and we have business units throughout the nation.

Business continuity with a trust partner

Our integration center serves the needs of several customers identified as essential businesses.

To ensure continued customer satisfaction, Redapt has put into action a business continuity plan, which includes:

  • Dividing integration team into shifts
  • Implementing distance protocols
  • Performing frequent deep cleans

Throughout this crisis, Redapt is committed to maintaining our promise to provide clarity in a complex and continuously changing technology landscape.

Today's challenges are different than they were just a few months ago. Our staff is here to listen, be helpful, and suggest relevant and practical solutions to help with business continuity, enablement of remote workforces, and reduce operational costs. We recognize that in our new world, it's more important than ever to do more with less and continue innovating.

Commitment to community support

As people across the globe take unprecedented steps to protect the health of the world, we recognize the risks members within our community are taking—and, like all of us, Redapt remains committed to our community and customers.

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