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Tech We Like: CloudHealth by VMware

By Rick Koller and Jason Webbeer | Posted on December 14, 2021 | Posted in Multi-Cloud Operations

One of the most common challenges organizations face after making the move to the cloud is controlling costs.

The speed and flexibility provided by cloud environments comes with a tradeoff, namely, the ease with which cloud usage can go unchecked.


This makes having visibility into cloud environments critical. Organizations need a way to consistently monitor their usage and storage so that they can continually optimize their cloud environments and quickly identify—and remedy—anomalies as soon as they happen.

In this edition of Tech We Like, we’re highlighting a powerful tool organizations can use to gain all the visibility they need to keep their cloud spend in line with their expectations.

That tool is CloudHealth by VMware.

Deep insights from a single source

CloudHealth gives organizations complete visibility into their cloud and container costs, usage, and performance so they can deliver their products and services faster and without breaking the bank.

With CloudHealth, IT and engineers have a single platform for:

  • Cost management across multiple clouds
  • Continued optimization of usage
  • Security and governance controls
  • Proactive compliance management and alerting

At a granular level, CloudHealth allows organizations to organize their resources across clouds into groups that make sense for their business. 

These groups make it much easier to see which applications, teams, or resources are costing more than they should be.

At Redapt, CloudHealth by VMware is a foundational piece of our Managed Cloud Cost Optimization services. 

Designed to remove the burden of continual cloud management, our services leverage CloudHealth to provide organizations with:

  • A knowledgeable professional services team that understands an organization’s business objectives and provides them with a clear strategy to meet performance and optimization goals
  • Triggers to monitor daily spikes and same-day alerts to ensure organizations are always in control of their cloud investment
  • Insights via monthly business reviews to optimize cost and performance
  • Access to engineering services to build and deploy cost-saving improvements to cloud environments
  • Full access to the CloudHealth portal and training

Learn more about CloudHealth by VMware

If your organization is considering moving to the cloud, or you’ve already made the move and are struggling to see returns on your investment, CloudHealth by VMware is the perfect tool for ensuring your usage and costs are under your complete control.

To learn more about CloudHealth by VMware and how Redapt’s experts can help you get the most out of your cloud investment, watch our recent video discussion.