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Tech We Like: NVIDIA EGX & Fleet Command

By Redapt Marketing | Posted on September 16, 2021 | Posted in AI/ML, NVIDIA

Speed is the name of the game these days, especially when it comes to your organization’s ability to mine massive amounts of data for insights. The faster you can receive results from advanced analytics tools like artificial intelligence (AI), the quicker you can make smarter decisions.

Redapt_NVIDIA_TECH_graphic1bOne challenge with increasing the speed of your analytics, however, is the limitations of infrastructure. Datacenters and the cloud each have transit costs—both monetarily and in time transit—which can slow your ability to act upon the insights from your data.

Because of this, more and more enterprises are leveraging AI at the edge. Take finance, for example, where the speed of fraud detection is critical. The closer AI can be deployed to the point of sale, the faster fraudulent transactions can be flagged.

The problem with AI at the edge, though, is the unique requirements involved. With no centralized location, steps that are relatively quick and routine at datacenters take a lot more time and resources. Need to update software or systems at a number of dispersed locations? You’re looking at a lot of travel and in-person updating.

Two solutions to this problem that we like are the NVIDIA EGX platform and the NVIDIA Fleet Command. Here’s why:

Secure delivery of applications


With the NVIDIA EGX platform, organizations are able to securely deliver applications at locations far and wide via high-performance and cost-effective infrastructure. 

This is made possible by powerful GPUs computing combined with high-speed, NVIDIA-certified networking provided by the company’s trusted partners.

What this means is that you can dramatically decrease the need for IT travel by utilizing a single unified architecture for deploying applications and updates at dispersed locations. This not only cuts down on costs, it greatly reduces the complexity of managing, operating, and monitoring at the edge.

Delivery at a massive scale

Redapt_NVIDIA_TECH_graphic2bNVIDIA’s hybrid-cloud platform Fleet Command, meanwhile, makes managing and scaling AI deployments across even millions of servers and edge devices far simpler. 

With the platform, IT can remotely—and, most importantly, securely—manage AI deployments. 

Additionally, Fleet Command provides your teams with the ability to delete applications, update systems over the air, and monitor the health of all your edge devices—all from a single control plane. 

In other words, Fleet Command—especially when coupled with the EGX platform—provides your IT with a single pane of glass visibility into all your edge devices and AI deployments without the weeks of planning and expense required by traditional deployments.

Learn more about NVIDIA’s AI-at-the-edge solutions.