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Tech We Like: xIoT Security

By Matthew Pierce | Posted on February 3, 2023 | Posted in Security & Governance, xIoT

As xIoT devices continue to proliferate, enterprises across industries are challenged with maintaining proper security.

Having an array of devices spread far and wide is ripe with potential pitfalls, from unsanctioned devices joining networks to ensuring every device in your ecosystem is updated in a timely manner.

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In this edition of Tech We Like, we’re looking at three powerful solutions for improving and maintaining security in the xIoT space. These solutions are not only effective on their own, but they work in tandem with each other to greatly improve your overall security posture.

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Forescout is a leader in providing network access control to xIoT devices. It also assists with crucial measures like device identification and dynamic segmentation to isolate assets into specific segments that reduce the ability for a compromised device in one area to attack another device in a separate environment.

To do all this, Forescout has a policy-based enforcement engine that can detect a specific type of device (say, a camera or a badge reader) and then dynamically assign that device to a specific network segment. It also ensures that devices connected to a network are enrolled with the second solution on our list, which is…

Tech We Like IoT - forescout


In the xIoT management space, few tools are as powerful as Phosphorus. The platform excels at providing visibility into all the xIoT devices on a network and delivering actionable insights into critical components like the current firmware and potential vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

Most importantly, Phosphorus makes the process of managing xIoT devices at-scale far easier for organizations by delivering a centralized management platform that eases the burden of things like updates, patches, and general administration.

Tech We Like IoT - phosphorus

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The last solution on our list is the security platform CyberArk, which delivers seamless and secure access for all identities, intelligence privilege controls, and flexible identity automation in a single package.

In the xIoT space, CyberArk allows for easy rotation of credentials across all devices as well as the ability to assign unique passwords to individual ones. This means that if a device were to be compromised, the damage is limited to a specific device rather than the bad actor having access to the entire xIoT ecosystem.

Tech We Like IoT - cyberark

xIoT Security Simplified

The more devices you have in your xIoT ecosystem, the more vulnerable you are to attacks and failures that can damage your business continuity and reputation.

With the suite of Forescout, Phosphorus, and CyberArk at your disposal, managing and monitoring every device connected to your network is far simpler. This not only eases the burden on your IT teams, it helps reduce the overall costs of managing your xIoT ecosystem.

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