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Utilize Google Cloud to unlock key insights from the deployment of AI and ML solutions.

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Analytics, AI, and ML Capabilities


Data Set Preparation

Organize your data so you're ready to enhance your analytics capabilities.


AI Integration

From installation to deployment.


Hardware Recommendations

 We'll ensure you’re able to effectively utilize AI.


Application Deployment

Get AI and ML up and running.

Analytics, AI, and ML Methodology


Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud Readiness Assessment provides a blueprint of on-premise or existing cloud environments, including their dependencies, resource allocations, and performance history. This information is used as input into Redapt’s decision and financial modeling framework to help evaluate your infrastructure, application and data.


App and Data Migration-1

Datacenter Migration Planning

In partnership, Redapt security and infrastructure architects work build a end state design based on industry best practices across common core functions including:

  • Compute, storage, and network
  • Security / NSG
  • Key Management
  • Data Retention
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Operations Management
  • Monitoring and Log Analytics

Review of the end operational state and security requirements allows the selection of the best approach for the migration process.


Migrate & Cutover

Using the latest technology to migrate data in a non-disruptive method, we work in partnership to have all the data replicated prior to the migration event. With real-time replication, functional testing of servers and applications prior to the migration event is incorporated as part of the migration process.

The migration strategy will have an optimized cutover process with a clearly defined order of operation assigned to each server and application environment. Our teams will work closely to plan and minimize the migration maintenance window.


Continual Optimization

Leveraging Redapt Managed Services, our partnership does not stop once the cutover is complete. Rather, Redapt is your trusted advisor for continual operational support and new service delivery.

Through our standard monthly business reviews, your assigned Technical Account Manager will work with your team on:

• Continual health, performance, and cost management
• Issue triage and remediation support
• Data performance optimization

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