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Achieve flexibility and scale by securely and efficiently moving your data and operations to Google Cloud.

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Cloud Maturity Framework Assessment

Determine the capacity and technology best suited for you.


Cloud Architecture Recommendation

We'll help you get the most out of Google Cloud.

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Migration Navigation 

Make the transition to Google Cloud free from disruptions or downtime.

Cloud Migration Methodology


Establish business and technical justification

In depth TCO analysis based on application profile, current vs future state architecture, and optimization recommendations.

After establishing business engagement success criteria, we partner with your team to execute a pilot deployment of your application into Google Cloud.

Our teams work in collaboration to establish candidate architecture based on your business objectives.


Modern applications require a different approach. Redapt will help modernize your application based on cloud-native principals

Working side-by-side, your team has the opportunity to explore Google Cloud in partnership with resident experts.


With success criteria met, we move immediately to production deployment utilizing the shared experiences learned

Business outcomes. That is what we're both chasing. Migrating your production workload immediately allows you to realize the cost performance and increased capability benefits of Google Cloud.


At Redapt, our partnership doesn't end with production cutover.

Our point of view is that digital transformation isn't a point in time event. It's a journey, and as your business evolves, you have a partner in Redapt who is there to support.

Redapt managed services provides technical account managers, monthly business reviews, optimization recommendations and direct lines of support into Google engineering.

We have purposely built practices for today's enterprise business challenges.

Our partnership may start with migrating your application into Google Cloud, but if you have questions about GCP data platform services, SRE, or high-performance storage down the road, Redapt has you covered and can bring the right experts.

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