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How a Luxury Resort Brand Improved Customer Experience by Taking Control of Its Data

When a premier mountain resort company and leader in luxury and destination-based travel sought to enhance its customer experience, its marketing team partnered with Redapt to develop a data-driven roadmap to invaluable insights.

In a nutshell ...

With the world returning to holiday travel, the customer set out to leverage Microsoft Azure to advance their position in the market. The company partnered with Redapt's skilled advanced analytics team to address its customer experience, technology adoption, and data management challenges.  

Redapt utilized its analytics capabilities to assess customer experience across multiple touchpoints. In addition, the company worked diligently with Redapt on a data-driven roadmap to enhance customer experience, create efficiencies, and achieve business goals. 


The mountain resort company focuses on delivering exceptional experiences to its guests by providing customer-centric packages—developing new offerings to appeal to brand-loyal customers. 

Additionally, the resort company operates in three separate but highly integrated segments: mountain, lodging, and real estate development. 

  • Mountain: This segment focuses on operating world-class mountain resorts—including lift tickets, ski and snowboard schooling, dining, and retail and rental businesses.  
  • Lodging: This segment of the client’s business owns and manages a portfolio of luxury hotels and condominiums located near their ski resorts and award-winning golf courses.
  • Real estate development: This segment holds, develops, buys, and sells real estate in and around resort communities.  

Redapt helped the company expand its analytics capabilities to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and develop a strategy to fine-tune and leverage data across its services and segments to enhance customer experience and make well-informed business decisions 

The Problem

The company manages an impressive portfolio of assets but has its own set of challenges, including:   

  • Strong demand: Record lift ticket demand resulting in sub-optimal customer experiences.  
  • Customer service: Limited employee lodging options and a national labor shortage create challenges to delivering a world-class level of customer service.  
  • Data and analytics expertise: The client did not have the internal technical expertise to execute their vision quickly. 

The Solution

Redapt recommended a managed analytics solution that encompassed an on-premises data migration, modernization of legacy applications, and DevOps services.  

Additionally, the managed analytics solution gives the resort company access to Redapt’s motivated team of analytics experts to implement agile data systems, provide solutions to maximize efficiencies, address customer-based pain points, and financial and business impacts through consolidated metrics. 

The Outcome

The mountain resort company was able to automate, process, and integrate data across multiple locations, and provide valuable business insights. Redapt delivered: 

  • Flexibility: Provided the talent, skills, and resources to achieve any task and meet any challenge.  
  • Lower costs: Provided a suite of tools, automation technology, and shared resources to achieve lower operating costs for analytics initiatives. 
  • Shared value: Provide a skilled analytics team driven by value generation and ROI to help transform the client’s data-driven culture and leverage vital business data.  

Moment of clarity

The company turned to Redapt to develop a data-driven roadmap that addressed how the mountain company would market to its target audience and update fragmented data and applications. 

Redapt’s managed analytics solution provided the resort company with cost-effective access to expertise to implement advanced analytics technologies. In addition, the company quickly realized incredible data and analytics capabilities with a well-architected data architecture and robust business analytics dashboards. 


What the company needed

The resort company realized that it needed a reliable, flexible, and seamless data operations environment with easy access to data experts to provide insights into customer gaps, enhance customer experience, consolidate fragmented applications, and consolidate data. 

Our recommendation

Redapt recommended a managed analytics solution that assisted the resort company in every aspect of its analytics—including how best to capture, categorize, secure, and leverage essential business data.  

Your trust and confidentiality are our top priorities. Redapt prioritizes and protects our customer’s privacy, so we don’t publicly disclose account names or other identifiable information. We are eager to share our successes and are happy to provide specific referrals or case studies upon request.

The end result

Redapt implemented a robust and consolidated managed data analytics team to analyze customer insights from multiple locations which resulted in improved customer retention rates and overall customer experience. The mountain resort company was able to: 

  • Turn data into insights

    leveraging consolidated data to determine customer behaviors for improved marketing initiatives and revenue growth for better business intelligence. 

  • Streamlined analytics utilizing Microsoft Azure

    to organize siloed pools of data into one centralized location for improved customer and business insights. 

  • Modernized business applications

    through an enhanced data and analytics solution—utilizing AI, ML, and predictive analytics technologies.

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