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Charting a Cost-Effective Path to the Cloud

When a major SaaS provider needed a way to streamline and reduce the costs of its infrastructure operations, as well as migrate thousands of servers to AWS, it partnered with Redapt on a solution.

In a nutshell . . .

One of the leading providers of mobile messaging and engagement solutions wanted to consolidate the data from more than 3,000 servers—spread far and wide globally—into AWS. At the same time, the company needed to reduce its overall cloud spend.

Redapt not only charted a path for the company to make a safe migration to AWS, we helped the company cut its cloud spend by a third.

The problem

The company had over 3,000 servers running in on-premises datacenters around the world. This infrastructure was supported by a team of less than twenty DevOps professionals. Because of this, a better infrastructure operations solution was needed to better manage workloads without incurring additional costs.

The solution

Redapt supported the company’s cloud-first initiative to bring all its on-premises servers into AWS, multiplying the company’s cloud footprint and enacting containerization to streamline the management of workloads. In addition, we leveraged our familiarity with AWS pricing and opportunities to substantially reduce its cloud costs.

The outcome

The migration and containerization allowed the company to consolidate workloads, ease the management of infrastructure, reduce operational costs in both compute and resources, and break free from datacenter/colocation obligations. All told, the company’s cloud costs were reduced by more than 34 percent.

Moment of clarity

Given the amount of data and workloads the company would be migrating to AWS, we determined substantial cost-savings could be achieved by packaging together various offers and discounts from the cloud provider.

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What the company needed

Redapt has been supporting the company’s cloud environment since 2017, when the first workload migrations to AWS were performed. 

In 2020, the company asked for support with the migration of thousands of workloads spread across 10 worldwide datacenters to AWS. It also wanted to substantially reduce the costs of its cloud environments.

Our recommendation

Beyond a full migration plan to take the contents of the company’s thousands of servers to AWS, we presented the company with a number of cost-savings options, including AWS Savings Plans, migration funding, the AWS MAP Program, and more.

The end result

The first phase of 1,000 servers have already been migrated to AWS, with a goal of 100 percent having been moved by the end of 2021—all while the company’s cloud spend has been dramatically reduced.

  • Migration

    of more than 3,000 servers to AWS

  • Easier management

    of data and workloads without the need for build out of infrastructure operations.

  • Cost savings

    of more than 34 percent in annual cloud spend.

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