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Data-driven Organization Pivots to Azure to Activate New Markets

 For a seamless AWS to Azure migration experience, a data-driven tech company engaged with Redapt.

In a nutshell ...

A data-driven technology company dedicated to helping organizations make the best use of their data needed to transition from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure to activate new markets. To expand its customer base, the organization had to act swiftly. Starting out as a native AWS application, the company’s infrastructure relied heavily on Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) to manage its applications. The organization sought to become EKS friendly and rely less on relational database management systems (RDMS). For a seamless AWS to Azure migration experience, the company engaged with Redapt to sift through the technical challenges it needed to address.

The Problem

The organization utilized machine learning (ML), GPUs, and sophisticated software to meet customer demands. The company boasted attractive products and services to build and deploy intelligent applications quickly, securely, and at scale–however, retailers were unable to leverage the company’s suite of tools on Azure. For years, the company had managed its workloads, hosted its servers, and ran its applications on AWS. Furthermore, the company had never established an Azure footprint.

The Solution

The Redapt team worked with the organization on a migration plan that involved setting up an Azure environment replicable of its previous AWS environment, transporting workloads from AWS to Azure, and provisioning AKS clusters to Azure. 

The scope of work involved: 

  • Conducting a workload analysis where our team would work with the company to define and prioritize workloads for migration to Azure.
  • Provide the client with full governance and security building blocks and landing zones for their migration.  
  • Thoroughly testing the company’s Azure environments before migration to ensure that its applications, data, and workloads had a safe place to land. 
  • Oversee the design of the client’s architecture, migrate their data and applications to Azure, and train their teams to manage their environments going forward.

The Outcome

The engagement was a two-phase operation. In the first phase, our team ran and tested an empty suite of the company’s applications on Azure with empty databases (this excluded any sort of customer migration work). For the second phase, we created the corporate Azure hub and the first customer landing zone where our team of experts supported a full production migration, moving one of their customers from AWS to Azure.

Moment of clarity

The data-driven tech company quickly realized that it did not have the know-how to build out a secure and efficient Azure environment. While Kubernetes may be a common technology, AWS and Azure have some differences in terms of how they manage it. The customer realized they would need a partner to help bridge the gap between their current experience and their future on Azure.

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What the company needed

The company wanted to understand the AWS to Azure migration process and the technical expertise required to carry out such a formidable task. Additionally, the company needed to develop an Azure environment similar to the AWS environment that was built out to manage its workloads. To successfully transition from AWS to Azure, the organization needed to know how to adopt Kubernetes and use nodes on Azure, manage workloads within the Azure context, define infrastructure as code (IaS) used to build out AKS clusters using infrastructure as code, and enhance its Azure environments as application improvements were being made to increase operational efficiency. No small task!

Our recommendation

We recommended an Azure migration offering that allowed the customer to adapt their AWS specific architecture and make it easy for them to operate with ease on the Azure cloud.  

The end result

Our experts were able to:

  • Develop a migration plan to Azure taking into account the client’s data, applications, and workloads, and following best practices.
  • Fully test and optimize the client’s environment in Azure, enabling the client to hit the ground running post migration. 
  • Monitor the data-driven tech company’s cloud spend with expert guidance on optimizing its Azure workloads.

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