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Deploying a Data Hub Using Microsoft Technologies to Increase Donor Engagement

Redapt helps a nonprofit build an Azure Data Hub to better organize, leverage, and measure donor engagement and performance.

In a nutshell ...

One of the largest independent nonprofit organizations focused exclusively on providing lifesaving blood services, was struggling with leveraging data to improve donor outreach, increase blood donations, and expand its footprint. Redapt provided a clear path forward for the nonprofit.


The Problem

From a marketing perspective, the organization was not able to measure the effectiveness of its campaigns, keep track of donor-relevant KPIs, standardize data formats, or leverage data sets within its ecosystem. The nonprofit had built up trust and rapport with Redapt and was confident our Advanced Analytics team had the resources, expertise, and tools to address their technical and knowledge gaps when it came to managing its data with Microsoft Azure.

The Solution

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Redapt’s Advanced Analytics team worked alongside the client in an agile manner on an Azure Data Hub that allows the organization to combine, cleanse, standardize, review, and test data related to campaign activities, which they previously could not do. The Azure Data Hub now operates as the integration point of all future marketing-related data sources, both internal and third-party projects, and will be utilized to feed analytical reporting and machine learning initiatives. During the project, our team built trust within the nonprofit by providing a solution architecture based on best practices and responding to changing priorities in an agile fashion with little to no paperwork.

The Outcome

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For the first time in the nonprofit’s history, the organization had a comprehensive way to view standardized and formative data. Additionally, Redapt's Managed Analytics team coordinated with the nonprofit's software vendors to select and deploy integrations within the Data Hub sets to support data cleansing and push notifications to its marketing team.

Moment of clarity

Prior to this engagement, the organization had little experience with Microsoft Azure technologies, working with data, or managing analytics. Redapt’s Advanced Analytics team helped the organization build an Azure Data Hub and learn the skills to operate, maintain, and sustain it.

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What the company needed

Redapt engaged the nonprofit with a managed analytics (agile) approach that provided the right resources at the right time. Redapt worked with the client to familiarize it with the Microsoft Azure platform, including Azure Purview, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure SQL DB, Azure DevOps for CI/CD, and other project-specific Microsoft technologies. 

Our recommendation

Using a combination of Microsoft Azure technologies, Redapt built and designed a Data Hub to assist the nonprofit’s marketing team in accessing customer data while being compliant with donor information. Our team provided the organization with:  

  • A data architecture, to include a well-architected data estate and automated CI/CD  pipelines.
  • Analytics management with 24/7 monitoring of pipelines and dataflows--including Azure environment, identity, and access management, and platform health maintenance alerts.
  • Hardened data streams--built out development and production environments, and fully documented data transformations, as well as an easily extensible ETL process.
  • Cleaned and rerouted existing data feeds to the Azure Data Hub, utilizing clean and standardized data for marketing campaigns.

The end result

This work allowed the organization to see its entire donor history, which greatly impacts donor outreach, donations, and business operations. The organization is now able to:

  • Utilize best-in-class tools, automation technology, and shared resources to achieve a lower operating cost for its analytics initiatives.
  • Access to Microsoft Azure experts with the right skills to complete any task and meet any challenge.
  • Leverage a skilled analytics team motivated by value generation and ROI to help the nonprofit enable a data-driven culture within its organization.

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