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Deploying Datacenter Infrastructure at Scale for a Major SaaS Provider

To exceed its application performance standards, a publicly traded SaaS client relies on dedicated datacenter infrastructure. To keep pace with global growth, it turned to Redapt for datacenter hardware, rack integration services, and international transportation logistics.

The problem

Business success for Redapt’s SaaS client created a challenge for IT operations. The IT team needed to deploy a datacenter with the capacity to keep pace with the provider’s increasing demand.

To meet application performance goals, the datacenter compute, storage, and network infrastructure would need to be deployed in globally distributed co-location facilities.

The solution

Redapt partnered with IT operations to develop a bespoke rack integration services program that ensured timely deployment of datacenter infrastructure. Our team took ownership of the entire process from design to delivery for hundreds of ready-for-use datacenter racks.

The outcome

Our SaaS client cost-effectively deploys compute, storage, and network capacity to its network of globally distributed co-location datacenters while greatly improving key performance metrics

Moment of clarity

Performing rack integrations requires significant full-time resources. Realizing its dedicated resources would be under-utilized, the SaaS provider turned to Redapt, a partner that could provide the people, process, and an on-demand integration facility.


What the company needed

To deploy datacenter infrastructure at scale, the SaaS company partnered with Redapt’s integration services team to streamline the process.

Redapt provided:

  • End-to-end project management
  • Supply chain management
  • Compute, storage, and network engineering
  • Skilled datacenter technicians
  • On-demand integration facility
  • Configuration and test automation
  • International shipping logistics


Our recommendation

  • Supply chain management and project managers to coordinate multiple vendors, product lead times, and resources.
  • Configuration automation to eliminate human error from the configure, test, and validation process.
  • White glove delivery to ensure that racks are powered up, operational, and ready for production use.


The end result

Through its partnership with Redapt, the SaaS client successfully deploys hundreds of infrastructure racks to datacenters in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Your trust and confidentiality are our top priorities. Redapt prioritizes and protects our customer’s privacy, so we don’t publicly disclose account names or other identifiable information. We are eager to share our successes and are happy to provide specific referrals or case studies upon request.

  • Delivered production-ready racks

    reducing time-to-value from weeks to hours

  • Visibility into delivery schedules

    allowing the company to accurately schedule key resources

  • Early detection of component failures

    enabling our teams to improve product quality

  • A clear understanding of international logistics

    providing visibility to added trade costs

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