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Boost Your Infrastructure Performance And Efficiency With Enterprise-Ready Solutions.

  • Accelerate innovation by implementing the right enterprise infrastructure solutions, fostering new ideas and exceptional customer experiences.
  • Get expert assistance in designing and deploying enterprise infrastructure hardware for efficient operations.
  • Identify tailored solutions for your organization's enterprise infrastructure needs with our specialized expertise.

See How We’ve Helped Companies Implement Their Enterprise Infrastructure:

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Deploying Datacenter Infrastructure at Scale for a Major SaaS Provider


Streamlined Datacenter Appliance Distribution for an Enterprise Software Company

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Taking Control of the Infrastructure

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Specifically Designed For Tech-Driven Enterprises Aiming To:


Address Diverse Infrastructure Goals

Surpass project targets for cloud migration, hybrid environments, and optimization across disciplines.


Leverage Full-Scale Expertise

Receive thoughtful guidance at every step of your tech journey, from IT strategy and application development to DevOps and beyond.


Streamline Infrastructure Progress

Well architected data center infrastructure engineered to work with your system as soon as it arrives.

It’s NOT Just About Modernizing Your Organization's Infrastructure

It's About Building The Foundation For Rapid And Sustainable Growth.

The key to successfully building new enterprise infrastructure hardware and deploying datacenter racks quickly lies in focusing on these crucial layers:

success rate


Unlocking value through engineering expertise, empowering teams for customer-focused innovation, and minimizing quality and delivery issues.



Resolving day one failures, elevating OEM quality standards to new heights, and implementing rigorous testing and quality control measures at multiple levels.



Revolutionizing infrastructure delivery through streamlined processes, API-enabled data consumption, and automated inventory management for an efficient and hassle-free experience.

Redapt Plans & Integrates The Exact Infrastructure You Need So You Can Optimize Performance & Operational Costs.

Find the right infrastructure

It can be challenging to choose the right solutions for your organization, especially as technology advances. We work with you to deeply understand your goals and provide insightful recommendations.

Support enterprise networking

Build and secure a well-architected network to support your internal workloads, modern applications, and teams' intensive applications.

Optimize infrastructure

Achieve improved capacity, performance, and cost with our balanced value-engineered computing, networking, and data storage solutions.

Put AI and ML to work

See high-performing capacity for demanding AI and ML workloads by identifying and delivering your ideal production-ready solutions.

What Makes Redapt The Leading End-To-End Technology Provider?

Unlock the next level of technological growth for your company with world-class technology solutions.


Strong partnerships with tech giants

Benefit from our strong connections with leading technology companies (like Dell, Intel, Microsoft and AWS), and gaining access to top-notch enterprise infrastructure solutions to support your organization's growth and success.


Customer-led innovation

Your input matters. Collaborate with our team to drive innovation and develop tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, empowering your organization to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.


Advocating for you as a vendor-neutral partner

We prioritize your interests by remaining unbiased and vendor-agnostic. Build the solution that works for your business and your budget.


Streamlining integration

Experience a seamless integration process as we handle the complexities from start to finish. Our comprehensive integration approach ensures a smooth and efficient transition.


Efficiently & Sustainably Power Your AI Initiatives.

Power your AI workflows with servers designed for optimal performance and eco-friendly operations, supporting both your tech and sustainability goals.

Risk-Free Partnership

26 years Of Experience

Redapt boasts 26-years at the leading edge of implementation, ensuring extensive experience and expertise in delivering successful outcomes.

ISO Certified Assurance

Redapt is ISO certified, guaranteeing high-quality standards and a commitment to excellence.

Tailored Flexibility

Redapt's dedicated focus on solving integration issues ensures a flexible approach tailored to meet your exact needs, reducing friction between departments.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Redapt ensures regular and effective QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews), providing peace of mind and showcasing return on investment.

Significant Investments In Automation

Redapt has the means to streamline processes and maximize efficiency, providing a reliable solution.

This is How We Deliver Infrastructure On Time, On Budget, And With The Required Performance.
Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise Infrastructure

What are enterprise infrastructure solutions?
Redapt enterprise infrastructure solutions are a set of pre-defined or customized solutions based on a customer’s digital transformation journey and their level of maturity in infrastructure, automation, workload parameters, capacity sizing, application dependencies, and more.
How can Redapt help my company implement enterprise infrastructure solutions?
Redapt is a full-service technology provider that goes beyond reselling data center hardware and software and delivering it to your door. We care for our customers and how we want to be serviced. That means understanding your challenge and building tightly integrated solutions that include only what is needed. Our team is here to create a solution, deliver it to your datacenter, and prepare it for production use.
What enterprise infrastructure services does Redapt offer?
Redapt has certified engineers to support every datacenter hardware and software solution we build. With our focus on data center infrastructure, if you need servers, data storage, or networking hardware, we have the know-how to ensure the products we offer are quickly deployed into your environment so you can accelerate getting value from your investments.
Can Redapt help me optimize my enterprise infrastructure performance and scalability?
We love to VALUE Engineer solutions. That means we work to strip out unnecessary items and features from configurations. In addition, we consider SKU alternatives that offer better performance and supply chain availability. Doing so provides tremendous cost savings without negatively impacting performance and security. This is something many competitors skip over.
What do I do with the datacenter infrastructure my company is decommissioning?
Deploying new data center hardware is an invigorating process. Dealing with the aftermath is often a hassle. When you work with Redapt, we’re happy to take care of the mess and assist your team in recovering value from decommissioned assets and destroying data with a method that meets your security policies.
Does Redapt offer solutions that can reduce delays due to supply chain constraints?
Yes, we do. We can stock data center hardware for your company via our “Ready Ship” program. This program is excellent if you have ongoing needs that demand short and predictable lead times. Redapt takes ownership of stocking every required SKU and provides same or next-day configuration and shipping.
Can Redapt deliver data center infrastructure internationally?
Yes, we ship data center hardware and fully configured racks internationally. In addition, our team will navigate each country’s complex taxes and tariffs. We are happy to assist you in evaluating your options so you can make the best decision for your organization.
What are ideal rack integration use cases where Redapt can add tremendous value?
Customers leverage Redapt’s integration center to ease deploying datacenter infrastructure. We ship custom-configured servers, storage, and network hardware racks that are production ready. Our top 3
uses cases are:
1) Large-scale data center infrastructure deployments for organizations that consistently deploy hundreds of racks yearly to globally distributed data centers. These customers are typically global SaaS or cloud providers. Our team becomes an extension of our customer’s team and is ingrained in procurement, partner management, product lifecycle, and rack engineering.
2) Edge computing racks. The logistics associated with deploying data center hardware is a different challenge. Redapt provides rack integration from a central location to ensure consistency and serviceability. We also can meet each rack at its destination to ensure its installed correctly and production ready.
3) Hardware Appliance Manufacturing and Distribution. These customers are software companies offering their solution as a hardware appliance. Redapt provides a program that builds and stocks ready-to-use appliances and ships directly to customers. In addition, we also handle demo units and the logistics of shipping to and from end users.
How long does it take to build and deploy a rack into production, and what volume can Redapt handle?
Once all the inventory is in our integration center, it takes our team between 20- to 40-man hours to assemble a data center rack. That includes racking the hardware and peripherals, connecting labeled cables, configuring, stress testing, and preparing to ship. Our production capacity ranges from 25 to 40 racks per day.

You Need Data Infrastructure Built For Your Business, And Built For The Future, Not Off-The-Shelf Solutions From Your Provider.

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