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Digital Marketing Company Automates to Gain Efficiencies

A digital marketing company needed assistance with docking its Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). The company was already invested with Google Cloud and turned to Redapt for assistance in setting up more efficient Kubernetes development and production enviornments.

In a nutshell

The digital marketing company was previously provisioning environments on traditional virtual machines. But now the company wanted the ability to dynamically provision environments based on feature branches. Since the digital marketing company didn’t have Kubernetes expertise in-house, the team needed training on Kubernetes and GKE.

The company contacted Google Cloud, who led the digital marketing company to Redapt for assistance in setting up the environments and providing the necessary training to go with the solution.

The problem

The digital marketing company didn’t have the Kubernetes experience it needed in-house to dynamically provision environments. The company looked to Google Cloud for a recommendation for an end-to-end technology provider who could not only educate the client’s engineering team but also set up their environment.

The solution

Redapt developed a plan to help the digital marketing company adopt Kubernetes and move its services over to the GKE environment. Redapt experts also set up two four-hour, in-depth training sessions for the company’s developers. Once the training sessions were completed, Redapt ensured the company could automatically deploy to the GKE environment.

The outcome

The digital marketing company can now dynamically provision development environments with ease since it no longer uses a manual process with virtual machines to deploy its applications. 

Because applications are updated and deployed more efficiently, the digital marketing company can also complete community deployments. Additionally, the company benefits from the ability to test every feature in parallel and avoids bottlenecks in the development pipeline. More well-trained engineers utilizing the solution also means better reliability, testing, and life cycles. All of these translate to the digital marketing company saving time—and money—in the long run.

Moment of clarity

When the company contacted the Redapt team to help with Kubernetes and GKE, Redapt engaged and decided the digital marketing company would not only benefit from getting its development and production environments set up on Kubernetes but also would gain value from in-depth training sessions with Redapt experts.

What the company needed

The digital marketing company provides campaigns for businesses looking to increase leads through marketing techniques such as phone calls, transactions, and qualified website traffic. The company was already using Google Cloud but needed help adopting Kubernetes and GKE.

Our recommendation

First, Redapt worked on implementing the solution with best practices. Following that, our expert team hosted multiple training conferences to train the client’s engineering staff on the technology. We recommended:

  • Setting up the Kubernetes development environment and getting the GKE docking set up.
  • Implementing training sessions that helped engineers learn more about the technology so they would be proficient moving forward.

The end result

Now that the digital marketing company is using its solution to develop and deploy more effectively, the company is noticing efficiencies in all aspects of the process. Testing, reliability, and life cycles are improved, and the company is saving time that will translate to cost savings in the future.

  • New ability to develop and produce on Kubernetes and GKE.
  • Better experiences for the company’s engineers.
  • Time-savers and future cost savings for this digital marketing company.

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