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Diving into Kubernetes and EKS to Achieve Greater Flexibility

When a healthcare SaaS provider sought to adopt Kubernetes and EKS, it partnered with Redapt to get up to speed.

In a nutshell ...

A healthcare SaaS provider wanted to move from ECS to EKS in order to gain more flexibility with its cloud environments.

The Problem

The client had been working in an AWS environment for some time but was looking to make a shift toward Kubernetes. Adopting EKS was the logical choice, but the company needed assistance with integrating EKS into its existing networks and configurations.

The Solution

Redapt experts provided the client with a Kubernetes and DevOps architect to assist with the adoption of EKS, including best practices for management and security of Kubernetes environments.

The Outcome

The client successfully adopted Kubernetes and was able to fully integrate EKS into its tech stack, providing increased flexibility in where its workloads can be located when it comes to cloud environments.

Moment of clarity

Because the client worked in the healthcare industry, providing best practices for security of Kubernetes and EKS was critical.

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What the company needed

The healthcare SaaS provider had been working within AWS for some time, but felt it needed greater flexibility in where its workloads were being conducted. The limitations of Amazon’s ECS prevented the company from achieving that flexibility, so it decided to adopt Kubernetes and move to Amazon’s EKS.

Given its industry, the SaaS provider also needed to ensure security best practices were established and followed, requiring a re-thinking of its architecture and extensive training from Redapt experts.

Our recommendation

Redapt worked with the client to establish a best practice Kubernetes environment on AWS, leveraging EKS. This involved reviewing its existing AWS environment, implementing CI/CD improvements, including:

  • Infrastructure as code for automating deployments
  • Developing a load testing strategy and cluster level scaling
  • Pod autoscaling and Prometheus integration
  • Establishing increased monitoring, observability, and security capabilities

The end result

Following the engagement, the healthcare SaaS provider successfully adopted Kubernetes and is able to leverage EKS to expand its cloud environments beyond AWS while ensuring security through automation.

  • Greater flexibility

    in where workloads are conducted.

  • Extensive knowledge

    of Kubernetes and EKS among its teams.

  • Well-established security protocols

    best practices.

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