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Driving Advertising Revenue Forward with Redapt

When a major transportation company wanted to expand its advertising revenue opportunities for second-party transit agencies, the company turned to Redapt to architect a solution.

In a nutshell

A major transportation company was looking to expand its business in terms of generating new advertising revenue. The transportation company wanted to provide a way to integrate advertising into its transit agencies’ iOS and Android applications.

The company was already providing user management and loyalty programs to the agencies, but desired an easy way to integrate advertising into mobile apps, and eventually one step further, onto the web.

The company sought out Redapt as a trusted partner to guide the process forward efficiently. By implementing a library of advertising options that the transit agencies could use, Redapt ensured the solution would provide relevant advertising targeted to a particular user.

The problem

The company needed an end-to-end technology partner to help its developers achieve the mobile advertising goal. While the company had a clear understanding of what services it wanted to provide, it needed a partner to help drive the implementation forward.

The solution

Redapt developed a plan that started with building native libraries for iOS, Android, and—for one of the company’s customers—Xamarin. Once the mobile advertising phase of the project was complete, Redapt expanded advertising capabilities to the web by continuing on top of the original build and shifting the domain to the web so the company’s transit agencies could integrate advertising into their websites.

The outcome

The transportation company was able to achieve the goals of embedding advertising into the second-party mobile apps and websites, and now has gained a more robust revenue stream from advertising through the apps and websites.

Moment of clarity

When the company came to Redapt knowing it wanted to expand its business in terms of advertising revenue, Redapt’s team of experts determined the best course of action was a library that the company’s partners could use across mobile platforms, as well as management tools to provide communication and deliver relevant content.

What the company needed

As a transportation company that provides services through transit agencies like Metro in North America, the company wanted to provide a way to integrate advertising into second-party mobile applications and websites. The transportation company needed a trusted, end-to-end technology partner to help build and implement the solution.

Our recommendation

Redapt initially focused on building second-party applications for iOS and Android users. Once the two teams realized the need for Xamarin, Redapt was able to pivot and wrap the libraries so that they could also be used as a Xamarin plug-in. We recommended:

  • Building a library that the company's partners could use across platforms (iOS, Android, and Xamarin).
  • Managing the communication between an application and the company's servers to get advertising relevant to specific users per the partner's specifications.
  • Tracking user engagement of the advertisements and sending that data to the company to report on and monitor the effectiveness of the advertising with its partners.

The end result

With advertising up and running in the apps and on the websites, the company is delivering meaningful advertising experiences to the end users, as well as gaining new revenue from the advertising streams. The transportation company can now focus on what it would like to do next in terms of technological transformation.

  • New ability to provide advertising to partners.

  • Meaningful experiences for the end users.

  • Innovative revenue streams.

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